Server Rules

§ 1 - General

(1) These rules were created with the agreement of the server administration. Any modifications to these rules are immediately effective and apply to all players.

(2) Players must stay updated with changes to these rules. Ignorance of new rules is not a valid excuse for avoiding punishment.

(3) Upon registering an account, every player automatically consents to the current and all future rules.

(4) Players must abide by these rules and report any violations to a staff member.

(5) All accounts and their characters are the property of Entropia.

(6) Donations are completely optional.

(7) The server administration reserves the right to make decisions that go against these rules and to punish, warn, or reprimand players even if their actions are not explicitly described as prohibited in these rules.


§ 2 - Punishment

(1) Our goal is to maintain a friendly and respectful community, and we strive to avoid imposing punishments unless necessary.

(2) Punishments will always be proportional to the offense committed and will be meted out with a valid reason.

(3) Possible punishments include: temporary or permanent chat ban, disconnection from the game, and temporary or permanent account ban.

(4) During the time an account is under punishment, the player will lose all rights and privileges associated with that account.

(5) All penalties will be imposed individually based on the circumstances, evidence, and the decision of the team. For example, a player may be warned for monster theft, while another player may be suspended for several weeks or permanently banned for the same rule violation, due to conspicuous behavior in the past.


§ 3 - Account Ownership

(1) All accounts and their contents are property of the server.

(2) The server reserves the right to temporarily take control of accounts for the purpose of investigating a potential violation of the rules.


§ 4 - Social Interaction

(1) The server encourages a peaceful, polite, and respectful social environment.

(2) It is not allowed to harass, denigrate, provoke, or threaten any other player, in any form of communication.

(3) Sharing or linking to any content that is pornographic, violent, racist, or damaging is prohibited in all forms of communication.

(4) Spamming of any kind is not permitted.

(5) Stealing of monsters is prohibited and should not be provoked by players in any way. A public monster should not be attacked in such a way that it cannot be seriously killed over several minutes or hours, thus denying another player the opportunity to defeat the monster.

(5.1) All claims of monster theft must be accompanied by full context and chat logs leading up to the incident.

(5.2) In the event that the victim of monster theft resorts to insults, this does not automatically warrant a warning or ban. The situation will be investigated and evaluated on a case by case basis.

(6) Players should not be insulted through ambiguous item deliveries through post, trade or other means. The server administration will make the final decision on how to handle any violations.

(7) Offensive or provocative shop names or other texts in the game system will also be punished or warned.

(8) The server administration reserves the right to make decisions and enforce punishment, reprimand, or warning, even if it goes against the rules, if the rules do not clearly describe what is prohibited and forbidden.


§ 5 - Item Refunds Policy

(1) Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for lost items that are the result of player responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Fraudulent trades

- Accidentally selling or removing the wrong item

- Selling an item for the wrong price

- Using the wrong Scroll and delete the Item (Modelchanged Items)

- Missing upgrade scrolls (e.g. Scroll of SProtect)

- Loss due to in-game mail or guild bank

- Account sharing

(2) Additionally, we are not liable for any item losses that result from technical server issues beyond our control, such as:

- Rollbacks or server crashes caused by players

- Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection problems

(3) If you choose to divorce your character, we will not shorten your waiting period to remarry. You will be informed of the waiting period at the time of marriage, and if you choose to ignore this, it is at your own risk.

(4) If you are unable to vote, we will not refresh your Vote Buff. To resolve this issue, we suggest trying the following:

- Pressing "CTRL + F5" on the Gtop100 Entropia site before attempting to vote

- Resetting your IP address (e.g. by restarting your router) or using a different browser

- Voting through mobile internet instead of a WLAN connection.


§ 6 - Staff

(1) We expect all members of the community to treat staff members with respect, politeness, and honesty.

(2) Any form of denunciation or negative commentary about the server administration or gameplay design will not be tolerated and may result in punishment.

(3) Impersonating a member of the Entropia staff is strictly prohibited.

(4) Using claims of personal relationships with staff members for personal gain will also result in punishment.

(5) Staff members are not permitted to trade with players. Asking them for free items or in-game currency repeatedly may result in punishment.

(5.1) During closed or open beta testing, staff members may distribute items in a controlled manner and for specific reasons. This rule will not apply once the server is released.

(6) All team members must keep internal information confidential, including but not limited to: player tickets, player reports, team member communication, warnings from higher-ranking team members, and server internal files (server/game settings files).

(7) Furthermore, team members must not reveal any upcoming server content through any means, including "leaks" of the information.


§ 7 - Ingame Fraud

(1) All players are responsible for thoroughly checking the items in the trade window before finalizing a trade. The server will not be held responsible for any losses resulting from fraud and no action or refunds will be provided.

(2) Do not offer items at a high price that are actually inexpensive, but closely resemble another, more valuable item, with the intention of deceiving other players into believing they are purchasing the more expensive item. Such deceptive practices are strictly prohibited and may result in penalties or bans.


§ 8 - Account Sharing

(1) Sharing of accounts is done at your own risk.

(2) If your shared account experiences damage or receives punishment due to illegal activity, we will not provide a refund for any items lost as the account owner is responsible for these incidents.

(3) Stealing items from a shared account without the permission of the account owner is prohibited and will result in a lock on all of your accounts.

(4) If a player is temporarily or permanently banned, all accounts with which they had access in the preceding days will also be banned.


§ 9 - Third-Party Trading

(1) Trading or selling virtual goods in Entropia for currencies other than the in-game ones is strictly prohibited.

(2) Offering virtual goods on third-party websites or Apps is also strictly prohibited.

(3) Any attempt at third-party trading will result in a permanent ban for both the seller and the buyer.


§ 10 - Bugs, Exploits, Third Party Software, Duping

(1) If you discover any bugs or exploits, you must immediately report them to a staff member through in-game chat, Discord, or a ticket.

(2) Exploiting bugs or errors in the game will result in a permanent ban.

(3) The use of programs or tools that give players an advantage over others, or that automate any part of the game, is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, botting and AFK farming. Using such tools will result in a permanent ban on all accounts associated with the IP address.

(3.1) Exception to rule (3): The so-called "F-Tool" is allowed for use in dungeons to automate character abilities. Any other form of automation will result in a punishment.

(4) Duping (duplicating items through the use of a bug) is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.



§ 11 - Other restrictions

(1) Circumventing a permanent ban by creating a new account is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to do so will result in a permanent ban on the new account as well. No exceptions will be made.

(2) Advertising other games or servers is strictly forbidden.

(3) Voting more than 3 times per day per person on is not allowed. Violating this rule can result in a loss of vote points or a more severe punishment. It is only allowed to vote 3 times a day per person from different devices.

(4) Any form of pushing in the Guild Siege (also known as Guild War) or PvP Rumble (also known as FFA) is prohibited, including but not limited to:

- Intentionally doing nothing or going AFK to grant other players more PvP tokens/kills

- Entering the Guild War with multiple characters of your own and having them go AFK

(5) The following restrictions apply to PvP Rumble (also known as FFA):

- Teaming up with other players and not killing each other, targeting only other players is prohibited.

(6) The collector field is limited to 10 characters per IP address.

(7) Trading items, Donate Points (Diamonds), or Vote Points between Server 1 and Server 2 is strictly prohibited. This is to prevent players from using it as an excuse to trade items for real money, even if there is no intention to do so. The team will make the final decision on whether a person will be blocked or not, and it's possible that a first-time offender will only receive a warning while a repeat offender will be banned. The quantity of the trade is irrelevant. Simply put, just don't do it to avoid any consequences.




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