Galaxy Adventure Pass #6 (English)

Deutsche / German Adventure Pass #6 Information: Click Here!

The sixth Adventure Pass for Endgame Players is available in our Premium Shop!     
Through this Adventure Pass you can activate a Special Quest Series at the Lord Pang-NPC in Flaris!  

Available for 2,000 Red Diamonds in the Premium Shop!     
Receive 10,000+ Red Diamonds worth of items through the Adventure Pass!     

There is a longer Questline (22 Quests) available.     
You can complete these quests until May. 31, 2024.     
The final reward from this Adventure Pass will not be available afterwards!     

This pass is offered only ONCE until May. 31, 2024   

After this Adventure Pass ends in May 2024, there will be a new one after a break     
with new additional rewards.    

Once you have completed the quest series, you can repeat the quests again with a new Adventure Pass.     
The quests cannot be chosen individually. You have to play through from top to bottom!  

Individual quests can also be skipped for 500 Red Diamonds if the tasks is to long for you. 
To skip, simply select the Adventure Pass Quest in the Quest window (Q) and press SKIP.  
You will receive the full reward and can move on to the next quest.

Galaxy AdventureBring Lord Pang the Current Adventure Pass!1x Premium (30 Tage)
War in MadrigalDefeat 5,000 Monsters5x Monster Coin Bag
Daily TasksCollect 200 Cardia Coins and Show them to Lord Pang200x Cardia Coin
The TerrorDefeat the Endboss Balgath 5 times in the Destruction Cavern3x Royal Reroll Treasure
Great DangerKill 10 Worldboss Monsters2x Royal Knight Rune
The Great HarvestHarvest 400 Plants in Cardia10x Eternal Stone
Dungeon ExploreComplete 50 different Dungeons2x Gold Worm (Bait)
Day offStay Online for 24 Hours (Continuous or intermittent)2x Fly (Bait)
Deep TempleDefeat the Endboss Protonus in the Deep Temple10x Protonus Soul Mat-Treasure
Reroll TimeAttempt 25 Royal Bonus Rerolls2x Scroll of Royal Bonus Reset
Forced ScreamShout 400 times using the Auto. Shout Function (No Spam!)100x Cardia Coin
Everyone wants MoneyCollect 10,000 Perin from Monsters2000x Perin
The Azmore ForestDefeat the Endboss Brizera 5 times in the Azmore Forest3x Royal Reroll Treasure
Ore SearchCollect 250 Ores in Cardia10x Rainbow Stone
Treasures of the SeasGo Fishing 25 times (It doesn't matter if successful or not)5x Black Anchovy (Köder)
Hidden TreasuresDig up 15 Treasures1x Royal Map Tube
Boss Hunt QuestComplete 10 Boss Hunt Quests from Lord Pang in Cardia3x Ultimate Mystic Treasure
Alchemy ArtComplete 35 Alchemy Recipes3x White Loot Orb
Royal UpgradeUpgrade an Item 30 times in the Royal Upgrade Window2x Royal Augmentation
Royal AwakeningUse a Royal Awakening Augmentation 10 times2x Ultimate Aura Treasure
Battle in CardiaDefeat 500 Monsters in Cardia1x Galaxy Star Stone (S6)
The EndGive Lord Pang the Galaxy Adventure Star Stone (S6)1x Galaxy Pass Box (S6)

The Galaxy Adventure Pass Box (S6), which you receive at the end, contains the following items to choose!   
*For the sets, you can choose whether you want a male or female set.
*The weapon model boxes contain three out of 64 random weapon models!

All models will not appear again after the Galaxy Adventure Pass expires!

Fashion Set Effects:   
Better sets can be farmed in the course of the game, but this set currently has one of the best bonus effects!

All Stat+75, ATK+13%, PvE Damage+12%, Speed+100%,
Royal EXP +25%, Penya Rate +40%, Infinity Points +8, Entropia Chip Drop +8

Choose one of these Limited Galaxy Fashion Sets!
Note: The sets look even better in the actual game world than in the model viewer! :)

Receive 3x one of 64 random Galaxy weapons!
Note: The weapons look even better in the actual game world than in the model viewer! :)

For each completed pass, you can still choose whether you want a Galaxy Minato Cloak (M),
Galaxy Kheldor Cloak (M/F), Galaxy Dragon Mask (M/F), or a Galaxy Flying Swords Wing Mask Model (M/F)!

Additionally, you can choose 1 out of 4 Galaxy Pick-Up Pets!

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