Patch: v9.4.1 (English)

Today, we're only rolling out a minor patch that focuses on some fixes and small adjustments. In the next few days, we will also update the Premium Shop to improve loading times. Some users have experienced longer loading times since the last Windows update, which we aim to address with this update.

In December, we will concentrate more on adding additional endgame content, considering suggestions, and making further minor adjustments to the current game content. We are also kicking off the Christmas events. We will start with daily events in December that change every day. You can find more information about this in a separate announcement on our homepage. In the next 1-2 weeks, we will also start the main Christmas events. So, look forward to a month full of exciting events! :)

Patch Notes:

- A serious bug with equipment switching has been fixed. This issue occurred under specific circumstances with endgame equipment and caused players to unexpectedly have less HP. This affected only a few players.
- A bug in the record book has been corrected, which caused incorrect displays for some effects.
 *Unfortunately, we had to reset the record book again due to this issue.
- Animated character badges have been added. These can be obtained in the future as rare drops in dungeons, as rewards in events, from the Guild War Exchanger, or as a monthly reward for top donors, provided we can implement this technically as desired.
 * Currently, some badges are available in the Guild War Exchanger.
 * More earnable badges will be available during the main Christmas events in 1-2 weeks! :)
- Earnable buffs from guild activities, such as in the Secret Room, Guild War, and Monster Clash, now apply to all guild members, not just participants. However, this does not include the special buff for Guild War participants.
*We had to deactivate the current active buffs because of this change!
 *These buffs are now counted as Guild Anarchy Buffs.
 *If you have ideas for potential additional Anarchy Buffs for guilds, please share them with us in the Discord suggestion area. We will consider them for future implementation. If no new suggestions come in, we plan to use these buffs in future competitive systems.
- The Royal Knight world boss now has +100% more HP.
- The Project C-A01 world boss now has -30% less HP.
- Upon reaching Platinum Level 30 and 40, players now additionally receive a 3-day Shop Status (VIP) to help beginners have a better start if they keep at it. With Platinum 50, an additional 6 days of Shop VIP are awarded.
- Client-side adjustments.
- Adjustments to the dedicated server.

PvP Changes:

Unfortunately, a different PvP balance was originally planned, which was supposed to function without PvP effects or Diamonds in Guild War. However, it has become apparent that implementation with the existing code is more complicated than expected, making this change not so straightforward to realize.

We can't simply remove the PvP effects embedded in bonuses or Diamonds without risking serious bugs. Therefore, we have decided to maintain the current balance and make adjustments accordingly. Moreover, obtaining the necessary items is not particularly difficult, except perhaps for the bonuses and the effort required to create specialized PvP equipment.

If we had removed the PvP effects from the Diamonds, players would have shifted to other Diamonds, ultimately resulting in no significant change. We also tried disabling Diamonds in PvP altogether, but the game's code doesn't easily allow this and could lead to stat stacking errors.

PvP bonuses on items acquired in the past cannot be easily removed either. Should we find the necessary time in the future, or come up with other feasible design ideas for the PvP area that are technically implementable and have no other larger projects underway, we will conduct a survey to decide whether to implement these changes as planned. However, do not expect this to happen in the near future, as we are currently working on new content of manageable scope. Next year, after the holidays, we plan to turn our attention back to much larger projects in Entropia.

Force Master Royal Jewelry
- New Set Effect: +30% MP

Curus/Sardine Set Effect
- Improved Set Effect: +40% Cast, totaling 80%

Force Master Worldbuff
- Removal of the -50% MP Debuff
- Adjustment of the other MP Debuff from -35% to -40%
- Reduction of PvP 1v1 Damage by 5%

Harlequin Worldbuff
- Changed from -35% PvP Damage to -15% PvP Damage.

Mentalist Worldbuff
- Change of -100% PvP Damage Worldbuff to -120%

Arcanist Worldbuff
- Slight reduction in the EVA Storm Range

Slayer Worldbuff
- Removal of the -500 STR Buff
- Introduction of a -6% PvP 1v1 Damage Debuff

Crackshooter Worldbuff
- Reduction of PvP 1v1 Damage by 3%

Templar Worldbuff
- Reduction of PvP 1v1 Damage by 2%

Seraph Worldbuff
- Reduction of PvP 1v1 Damage by 2%


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