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Level Boost Token permanently available in the Premium Shop for 7,000 Red Diamonds!

As announced in the patch logs the day before, we are now introducing a Level Boost Token. This token allows players to jump directly into the latest game content (Cardia Beginning) for a fee of 7,000 Red Diamonds or using in-game currency from other players. Upon using it, players receive a temporary basic equipment package, similar to what is seen in other multiplayer games.

We've designed these packages in a way that still enables players to experience the earlier content. In some cases, it's even necessary to perfect their characters.

The primary purpose of these packages is to provide new players with the opportunity to start on our server without the need for the lengthy grind. Existing players also have the option to switch between classes more swiftly by choosing a different character and possibly releasing Royal Items, without having to go through the entire leveling path again. Additionally, we already offer a wide range of content and leveling options. In the past, many players expressed interest in exploring new game content but didn't necessarily want to start from the beginning. This also allows us to provide additional endgame content to a broader audience more quickly.

The introduction of these Level Boost packages will stimulate the overall in-game economy and provide numerous benefits to both new and existing players. With increased demand for items, equipment, weapons, Red Diamonds, and other in-game currencies, the endgame will become an even more exciting and profitable place for all adventurers on our server.

It will still be possible to level up without payment and go through older game content. However, this choice is entirely up to each player. It's definitely achievable without the boost, as some of our players can confirm.

With the Level Boost Package, you will receive:

  • Instantly reach Royal Level 6 and Platinum 50, enabling you to select your job class. This saves you several days or weeks of leveling and farming.
  • Gain immediate access to Cardia, allowing you to complete the story quests in Cardia either solo or in a team (progress is shared) to advance your character to Royal Level 10, which can be achieved relatively quickly.
  • Unlock the endgame content dungeons at Royal Level 10, where you can level up your character from Royal Level 10 to 15. From Royal Level 15 onwards, a new level area up to Royal Level 20 with future unlocked dungeons awaits.
  • Receive a Royal Blood & Darkness Set and weapons, which are time-limited to 30 days. This set can be worn from Royal Level 6 onwards but cannot be traded. Please note that this set and weapons cannot be upgraded to gain additional effects and do not provide stat bonuses. Normal versions of this equipment can be found in the Royal Dungeons and offer bonuses as well as upgrade possibilities. The Boost Set still requires active play.
  • Depending on your group composition, there is no guarantee that you will be able to easily conquer the endgame dungeons at Royal Level 10. You may still need some necessary items from older content to strengthen your character. Royal equipment can gradually be obtained in Cardia even without completing dungeons.
  • Receive a Standard DMG & HP Boost Jewelry Set, which is valid for 30 days and initially helps in collecting normal equipment (Soulreaver or Royal Sets) required later in the new endgame.
  • Additionally, you will get a random Platinum 50 Pet and some time-limited power-ups or items that you can use with your Boost items to make your game start more enjoyable (e.g., using 2 out of 5 Perfect Awake Scrolls on your Boost Sets/Weapons).
  • The Level Boost equipment "Dark Adventurer Set" (Fashion, Cloak, Mask, Glyph) has no effects in the Secret Room, Monster Clash, PvP Arena, and the Guild War. You can exchange the set at the Special Event NPC in Flaris for an identical set without effects to use as a cosmetic model on other characters.

As you can see, everything has been carefully designed to ensure that older game content can still be explored and is sometimes required. The items do not significantly devalue. You are welcome to consult our community or team to determine whether this is a sensible choice for you.

Players who have already obtained a Soulreaver Set or Jewelry Set before the Cardia content will still benefit from time savings, as they already possess some items needed for character perfection. Level Boost characters have an easier time acquiring these items should they wish to maximize their character.

Each character can only use the Boost Package once, as it is intended for characters from Normal Level 175 up to Royal Level 5. Activation is no longer possible from Royal Level 6 onwards.

Prospective boost users should note that playing our endgame content in the low-rate area offers higher damage and HP values but provides much lower experience points when leveling up. The HP values of the boost items you receive are adjusted to allow you to survive the initial damage in the Cardia Zone. The inflicted damage is not excessively high, and it takes a few seconds to defeat a monster. This was intentionally designed to ensure we do not offer excessively powerful equipment that could diminish the value of items that players have diligently acquired. However, as a group, many quests can be completed together in Cardia.

With a character at level 175, you can use the Level Boost Token, which will open a class selection window for you. Choose the class you want to play, and you will receive all the time-limited items in your inventory and get your character up to Royal Level 6. Please ensure that your inventory is not too full, as the items may not fit, causing the Token not to be used.

Following this, your character will be on the desired class at Royal Level 6, and all the items meant for entering the Cardia content will be in your inventory. Please note once again that these sets only facilitate an entry, and the monsters in this content are not quick to defeat. You can further enhance your character using items from older content!

Don't forget that almost all items and power-ups, except for models, have a time limit of 30 days and cannot be used after that!

The Boost Token can only be used once, and it's applicable only for characters under Royal Level 6.

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