Patch: v9.4.0 (English)

With Patch v9.4.0, we bring you a brand-new endgame dungeon and numerous minor adjustments, catering to both existing and new players!

You can look forward to the Pirate's Cove at Royal Level 15, which offers you the opportunity to acquire new Royal jewelry sets, Omega Royal fashion parts, new fashion gems, and upgrade materials! Of course, the dungeon also contains drops from older content that you can use to customize your new and existing items.

As the player population in the live environment is significantly higher than that of a few testers on the test server, we are planning adjustments to the new dungeon as well as other new and existing elements. Therefore, there may be some things that we can still modify and optimize to enhance the player experience. Feel free to share your feedback after exploring the dungeon for a few days and forming a well-informed assessment!

As Captain Blindbat, the feared leader of the Darksteel Pirates, approached the Dread Cove Isle's cave, he was well aware of the perilous challenge that lay before him. Rumors of the magical treasures hidden within the cave had spread throughout pirate circles. However, Blindbat was dreaded not only for his ruthless nature but also for his skill and determination.

With each wave crashing against the cliffs of Dread Cove Isle, they drew closer to the cave. It was a gloomy place shrouded in a mysterious curse. The shimmering darkness of the Darksteel pirate ship slowly disappeared behind the rugged rocks as they reached the enigmatic dungeon steeped in legends.

Inside the dungeon, they discovered not only the magical treasures but also an ancient, decaying pirate ship that had been trapped here for generations. This ship was once the flagship of a notorious pirate captain, now known only as "The Forgotten." Captain Blindbat and Blackbeard explored the ship and stumbled upon a peculiar engine room. It was as if time had stood still in this room, and Captain Blindbat decided to set up his temporary camp here.

Meanwhile, the Darksteel Pirates went to great lengths to secure the cave with cunning defense measures. Spike traps were skillfully embedded in the ground to surprise unwary intruders. Dangerous plants were tamed and strategically positioned to threaten anyone who ventured too close. Artifacts from the ancient world of Madrigal were used to conceal deadly surprises. The familiar Darksteel axes hung ready to halt anyone daring to approach.

The mysterious power guarding the treasure kept its secret. No one knew how Captain Blindbat controlled this power, but it was widely known that he became invincible once he left Dread Cove Isle. The darkness and the mystery surrounding this power both fascinated and terrified.

The legends of the Darksteel Crew and their cruel leader had proven true, and every pirate of the seas feared their might. Yet Captain Blindbat and Blackbeard were willing to risk everything to claim the treasures of the Dread Cove Isle's cave and grow even more formidable. The battle for the treasures and the confrontation with the ominous power within the cave would be etched into the annals of pirate history.

In the brand-new dungeon, you have the opportunity to acquire damaged Omega Entropia Fashion Set pieces. These pieces come with bonus attributes that can be dropped in various tiers, similar to Royal equipment.

These pieces can have up to three bonus attributes, which can also be modified using reroll stones, similar to those used for previous Royal equipment items.

To make use of the damaged Omega Entropia Fashion pieces, you must combine them with an Omega Fashion Merge, which you can also rarely find in the new dungeon. This merge is used with an Ultimate Set +10.

The new Omega Fashion Set is gender-neutral and adapts to the character's gender. However, please note that gender-specific model changes won't be displayed if your character's gender is different!

This set can be upgraded to +10 in Flaris using Scroll of OProtect (Fashion) and Omega Light Stones (Fashion). You can find the upgrade materials in the dungeon and they are also partially available in the Guild Siege or from the NPC in Flaris “Laura”.

The awakenings for this set also need to be redone. The bonus lines from the previous Ultimate Set will not be transferred, as the Omega Fashion Set utilizes the Royal Bonus System.

In the brand-new dungeon, you can look forward to entirely new Fashion Gems that offer enhanced status effects. These gems have been exclusively developed for the all-new Omega Royal Fashion Set!

Captain Blackthorn, who has already assisted you in battling the Darksteel Pirate Crew, has an offer for you! He forges Royal Jewelry from items that you can only rarely obtain in the new dungeon.

For each piece of jewelry, you'll need a specific quantity of these items to exchange it for a Royal Jewelry piece with a Soulreaver+10 jewelry piece.

The jewelry sets are tailored to various job classes. Additionally, there is an HP jewelry set that can be worn by all job classes.

These jewelry sets provide bonus attributes and can be rerolled using the familiar reroll stones from the royal content.

The effects of this jewelry set are superior to those of a Soulreaver +10 set.

Please note that the awakenings for this jewelry set must be redone! If you already possess a good Soulreaver jewelry set with outstanding awakenings, the dungeon will likely be a bit easier for you.

To upgrade the Royal Jewelry set, the Royal Enhancement system from Cardia is used, which requires both older enhancement materials and new materials from the new dungeon.

In the world of Madrigal and its dungeons, divine statues have appeared, granting your character permanent additional stat points once activated. Each statue corresponds to one stat point. The first statue can be found at the bridge in Flaris near the Lawolfs, giving you an idea of what they look like. Naturally, several of these statues are also located in the endgame content.

Soon, we will introduce Level Boost Packages in the Premium Shop. These packages allow players to jump directly into the latest game content (Cardia Beginning) for a fee of 7000 Red Diamonds or through in-game currency from other players. In return, you receive a time-limited basic setup, similar to other multiplayer games.

We've designed these packages to ensure that players can still explore earlier content, which is sometimes necessary to perfect their characters. The primary purpose of these packages is to provide new players with the opportunity to start on our server without having to go through the laborious leveling process. Existing players can also switch between classes more swiftly by selecting a different character and potentially unbinding Royal Items, without having to repeat the entire leveling path, as we already offer a multitude of content and level material. In the past, many players have expressed interest in exploring new game content but prefer not to start from scratch. This also allows us to provide a wider player base with additional new endgame content more quickly.

The introduction of these Level Boost Packages will boost the overall in-game economy and provide numerous advantages to both new and existing players. With increased demand for items, equipment, weapons, Red Diamonds, and other in-game currencies, the endgame becomes an even more exciting and profitable place for all adventurers on our server.

It will still be possible to level up and play through older game content without making a payment. However, this decision is entirely up to each player. It is certainly possible to progress without the boost, as some of our players can attest.

With the Level Boost Package, you will receive:

  • Immediate access to Royal Level 6 and Platin 50, allowing you to choose your job class. This saves you several days or weeks of leveling and farming.
  • Direct access to Cardia, where you can complete the story quests individually or in a team (progress is shared), rapidly advancing your character to Royal Level 10.
  • Unlocking of endgame content dungeons at Royal Level 10, enabling you to level your character in the Royal Level 10 to 15 range. Beyond Royal Level 15, a new level area up to Royal Level 20 with future dungeons will be accessible.
  • A Royal Blood & Darkness Set and weapons, which are time-limited for 30 days. This set can be worn from Royal Level 6 but cannot be traded. Note that this set and the weapons cannot be upgraded to gain additional effects and do not provide stat bonuses. Regular versions of this equipment can be found in the Royal Dungeons and offer bonuses as well as upgrade options. The boost set is designed to encourage active gameplay.
  • Depending on your group's composition, there is no guarantee that you will be able to easily handle endgame dungeons from Royal Level 10. You may still lack some necessary items from older content to strengthen your character. Royal equipment can also be gradually acquired in Cardia without completing dungeons.
  • A standard DMG & HP Boost Jewelry Set, valid for 30 days, initially intended to collect regular equipment (Soulreaver or Royal Sets) that will be required later in the new endgame.
  • Additionally, you will receive a random Platin 50 pet, as well as some time-limited power-ups or items that you can use with your boost items to make the initial game experience more enjoyable, such as the use of 2 out of 5 Perfect Awake Scrolls on your boost sets/weapons.
  • The Level Boost Equipment "Dark Adventurer Set" (Fashion, Cloak, Mask, Glyph) does not have effects in the Secret Room, Monster Clash, PvP Arena, or the Guild Siege. You can exchange the set with the Special Event NPC in Flaris for an identical set without effects for use as a model on other characters.

As you can see, everything has been carefully designed to allow exploration of older game content and, in some cases, make it a necessity, while ensuring that items do not significantly lose their market value. Feel free to consult our community or our team to determine if this is suitable for you or not.

Players who have already earned a Soulreaver Set or jewelry set before the Cardia content will still benefit from time savings, as they already possess some items required for character perfection. Level Boost characters will find it somewhat easier to obtain these items if they aim to maximize their character's potential.

Each character can only use the Boost package once, as it is intended for characters from Normal Level 175 to Royal Level 5. Activation is no longer possible from Royal Level 6.

Interested parties should note that playing our endgame content in the low-rate area offers higher damage and hit points. However, experience points gained during leveling are significantly lower.

The HP values of the Boost items you receive have been adjusted so that you can survive the damage at the beginning of the Cardia Zone. The damage inflicted is not exceptionally high, and it takes a few seconds to defeat a monster. This design ensures that we do not offer excessively strong equipment items that could devalue the items players have diligently earned. When played in a group, many quests can be completed together in Cardia.

Another piece of news regarding the Level Boost will be released before the Level Boost package becomes available!

Further changes:
- The amount of Guild Siege Coins obtained from Black Anchovy Fishing Baits has been significantly reduced.
- Gold, Red, and Dark Beads can now be acquired through Bead Stones, Cardia Coins, and Fire/Ice Shards.
- Royal Unbindings are added to the Premium Shop for RDs.
- The description of Magic Diamond has been adjusted.
- Instant Awake Scrolls cannot be used when an item is in the Awakening window.
- The Stay Online Buff grants +5% more Royal EXP after two hours of active online time.
- The Vote Buff offers up to an additional +20% more Royal EXP at maximum level.
- Monster and Pet models now have a visual fading effect when you see them.
- When you mark Kill Quests in the Quest window, the monsters to be killed have an icon next to their names until you complete the quest.
- An item description has been added to the Black Dragon Cloak from the Event Token Shop.
- The description of Collectors has been adjusted.
- The Omega Entropia Cloak now has a different visual model. The old model is no longer available.
- Monsters in Monster Clash, Secret Room, and Dread Cove Isle now have a limited range in which they will follow you. They no longer chase you endlessly.
- A new exchange system has been added, allowing us to use upgraded items as requirements. This will continue to be used in future content and possibly in events.
- Aurania World Boss quest monsters no longer drop Diamonds and respawn faster.
- ECP, Black Perin, and Seed Fruits can be exchanged in the Platinum Exchange, which is also accessible through the start menu.
- Some new models have been added to the game, which will be made available soon.
- Some cold winter sets have already been created that have been wished in the past, but they will be added and made available in a future update!
- The times for the Guild War have been revised and will now take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. On all other days, the Battleground-GW will be held, providing pre-made equipment for all participants. The website's time adjustments regarding the Guild Wars will be made later in the day.
- All Royal Dungeons have been revised (except the new one).
- Boss monsters in the Destruction Cavern now have 30% less HP.
- Boss monsters in Azmore Forest now have 15% less HP.
- Normal monster damage in both dungeons has been reduced by 45%.
- Cores and Smithing Stones now have a 30% higher drop rate.
- The movement speed limit has been increased from 100% to 125%.
- The required number of killed monsters in the Azmore Forest Dungeon has been reduced by 5.
- All Daily Boss Monsters in Cardia have 35% less HP.
- Gold Laccotten and Resurrection Scrolls can be dropped in Royal Dungeons!
- 51 new Poke-Pets from the Unite game have been added to the Premier Ball.
- The S5 Adventure Pass has been prepared and will be released soon.
- The Record Book received a full reset.
- The World Item Buffs in the Oasis and Cove now spawn at various locations and in different levels. This change was made because previously, players mostly stayed in the areas where the stronger buffs appeared, thereby denying others the chance to obtain these buffs.


- Royal Blood & Darkness Sets have received -10% melee and ranged defense.

- Shiny Templar Sets have received +10% melee and ranged defense.
- The Shiny Big Sword has received -10% melee and ranged defense.
- Black Shiny Templar Sets have received +15% melee and ranged defense.
- The Black Shiny Big Sword has received -15% melee and ranged defense.
- Soulreaver Templar Sets have received +20% melee and ranged defense.
- The Soulreaver Big Sword has received -20% melee and ranged defense.
- Royal Blood & Darkness Templar Sets have received +35% melee and ranged defense.
- The Soulreaver Big Sword has received -35% melee and ranged defense.

- Royal Blood & Darkness Sets have received +22% melee and ranged defense.

- Burning Field Damage -30%

Battleground Balance:

- The Bloody Stick no longer deals damage in the Battleground.
- The Hybrid Shield for Seraph now has -35 STA and -20% HP reduction.

- The Damage Bow for Crackshooter now has -5% ATK reduction.
- The attack range has been reduced by -30%.
- Dark Illusion has a 30 second cooldown.

- Dark Illusion has a 30 second cooldown.

Due to personal matters that have taken up our time, not everything has been released as originally planned. Some of these elements that require further fine-tuning have been postponed to future updates.

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