Patch: v9.3.0 (English)

Welcome to the exciting "minor" changes in Patch v9.3.0 for Entropia Flyff!

The goal of this patch is to optimize the dynamics of endgame farming content as well as in Cardia. Additionally, we are gradually gearing up to develop new endgame content and to progressively unlock it in the near future.

This patch brings a comprehensive overhaul of the Oasis and a new level map that also serves as a farming map for endgame players. Furthermore, we're introducing a new "mini-game" that allows you to acquire specific items in a more entertaining way.

We look forward to your feedback and wish you lots of fun discovering the new features!

In the future, we plan to unlock additional content that will build on and deepen the gameplay elements released today.

In the uncharted waters near Cardia, an island rose from the sea that had not been seen for thousands of years: Dread Cove Isle. Shrouded in dense fog, it hid from the world, letting only rumors of its existence seep through to the neighboring ports.

Pirates, attracted by the lure of immense wealth, were drawn to these rumors. Ships filled with rough and rugged seamen set off to discover the island and plunder its treasures. All returned with tales of strange occurrences and mysterious phenomena.

The island itself was a bizarre landscape, dominated by a dense, impenetrable jungle called Umbala and crisscrossed by expansive caves overrun by pirates. The trees in the Umbala jungle seemed to whisper and move as if they were alive, emanating an aura of magic and mystery that kept all intruders at bay.

The cave, deep beneath the surface of Dread Cove Isle, was a labyrinth of dark passages and rooms. Pirates discovered ancient, saltwater-etched writings on the walls and found chests full of gold and jewels. But with each treasure they lifted from the depths of the cave, they seemed to awaken an even deeper darkness.

It was as if the island was resisting its plunderers. The fog grew denser and eerier. The trees in the Umbala jungle seemed even more threatening and the whispering grew louder. Eventually, entire pirate ships disappeared after leaving the island, never reaching their home ports.

Despite these warnings and mysterious incidents, the wealth hidden on Dread Cove Isle could not deter the pirates. They kept returning, drawn by the prospect of treasures and the mystery surrounding the island.

Thus, Dread Cove Isle remains an island of mystery and danger to this day, its treasures and terrors sought alike by greedy pirates. It is a world full of mysteries and wonders, hidden in a fog of oblivion and legends. Those who dare to uncover its secrets must be prepared to face the consequences that come with the treasures of Dread Cove Isle.

Here are some of the key points you should know about our brand-new endgame map, Dread Cove Isle:

Accessibility: The new map is designed for endgame players who have already reached Royal Level 15 and preferably also have 99.99% experience points. The island can be entered as early as Royal Level 15 for farming, but it is worth reaching Royal Level 16 in advance to take the EXP for Royal Level 16 to 20 along!

Leveling: Players can level from Royal Level 16 to Royal Level 20 on Dread Cove Isle and improve their status values.

Monster Killing: Killing monsters on this island can be challenging, but we have balanced it so that it is more profitable for endgame players to farm here than on the Oasis.

More Penya: Here you can farm 40% more Penya in the same time as on the Oasis map without active buffs.

Rare Items and Coins: You have the opportunity to find rare items, baits, and coins that you can exchange for Royal Items and exclusive models with the pirates Howell & Blackthorn at the beginning of the map. All items listed in the Teleport Drop Info (Key: V) can be dropped by all monsters!

World Buffs: There are world buffs scattered around the map that can be collected. These give your character short-term boosts, such as more Royal EXP, up to 75% more Penya, or increased character speed.

We look forward to seeing all of you on Dread Cove Isle and are excited to hear your feedback on this new, exciting update. Good luck and have fun exploring and leveling!

In conclusion, we would like to mention that we are planning further additions and updates in the future that will build on and expand these current gameplay elements. So stay tuned for the new adventures that Dread Cove Isle will still have in store.

#DreadCoveCaveDungeon #UmbalaDungeon

In the distant future, after the adventures on Dread Cove Isle, new content in Cardia will be coming your way!

You can also expect new treasure maps on Dread Cove Isle, which contain very rare chests that contain more useful Royal Items!

Entropia invites players to an intriguing mini-game with its new enjoyable and entertaining fishing system. Here, attractive rewards are up for grabs, ranging from Shiny to Royal Items. For this exciting adventure, you, of course, need a reliable fishing rod. You can purchase such a rod from the friendly NPC [Fishing] Frodo in Cardia. You'll find him outside the port city, near the coast, in his father's house. With his help, you'll be fully equipped for your fishing adventure.

But what would fishing be without the right bait? You can obtain suitable baits either in challenging dungeons or even get them while fishing with a bit of luck. They are crucial to attract the fish and increase your chances of valuable rewards.

The standard bait (worms) can be bought from the NPC Frodo in Cardia.

We will not publish a list of the items that you can get from the respective baits.
However, there are hundreds of items which are useful for all players!

Prepare yourself for an exciting fishing adventure by equipping a fishing rod that can be worn from Royal Level 6 onwards. Activate a bait, which is effective for a duration of 3 minutes.

Position yourself near water and press the fishing rod button, which is in the middle of your screen. It then takes between 3 and 15 seconds for a "fish" to bite.

Once a fish has bitten, a window opens in which fish appear and can be caught. You have to click on the fish as soon as it is in the inner circle. This circle turns yellow when the fish swims into it.

For a fish to be caught, the target visor must be 50% on it. The drops/items that you receive vary depending on the caught (clicked) fish and active bait.

Be careful, because if you click into the water, you lose the last caught fish. In the top right corner, it shows you how many fish you have already caught or how many you need to end the mini-game.

Watch out for mines: If you click on a mine, the last two caught fish will be deducted from you. Mines have been introduced to make automated farming more difficult. They are the same color as the fish and their color slightly varies with each new mini-game.

If you have activated the drop log function in the options, it will show on the left side after completing the mini-game which fish you caught.

If you do not catch the required number of fish within the given time, you lose the mini-game, and your active bait will be eaten by the fish, even if it is still effective for 2 minutes. So prepare well and have fun fishing!

The Oasis (Ticket Farm Map from the Vote Shop) has been completely redesigned visually and equipped with new spawn points. Additionally, Map Buffs are distributed all over the map, which help increase the Penya rate.

  • The Summer Event 2023 has started and lasts until the 31. July, 2023!
  • The baits for our new fishing system can not only be dropped within Dread Cove Isle but also in the following dungeons: Destruction Cavern, Azmore Forest, Deep Temple, Trigrem Ruins, Ethral Garden.
  • The Templar now has a 100% hit rate.
  • The maximum Royal Level has been raised from 15 to 20.
  • An issue has been fixed where some female characters couldn't properly use the Soulreaver Sacrifice function.
  • We made an adjustment in the Bonus Reroll System for Royal Items, which has slightly increased the chance of getting a maximum bonus.
  • Gaia Fashion Models, which otherwise could not be used as models, can now be modified from reaching Royal Level 15.
  • After completing the Royal Dungeons, you will now receive Royal EXP.
    Please note: The higher your Royal Level, the less Royal EXP you get by completing Dungeons. This system will also be continued in future dungeons which we are already working on for you.
  • Royal Level 15 monsters in Cardia (the regular monsters on this map) now give you x5 more EXP.
    *This serves as an alternative to daily quests and dungeon runs to progress from Royal Level 15 to 16.
  • The glove for collecting plants, the pickaxe for mining minerals, and the shovel for digging can now only be worn from Royal Level 6.
  • New game music has been added to the New Map of the Oasis and Dread Cove Isle.
  • More Achievements for the Dread Cove Isle & Fishing System have been added to the game!
  • Client performance optimizations have been carried out.
  • Text errors have been corrected and adjustments have been made to the text display.
  • Server-side modifications were successfully implemented.

Patch v9.3.0 - Fixes:

  • Fishing Rod: The item's name now includes the addition of "(Binded)". Additionally, the description has been revised to clarify that upgrading the fishing rod offers no benefits.
  • Map Drops: The probability of treasure map drops on the Cove-Map has been slightly reduced.
  • Monster Damage: The maximum damage of the Dread Cove Isle monsters has been slightly reduced.
  • Achievements: An error with the achievements has been corrected. The Slashbeard Monster Achievement was erroneously set to maximum because it had the same ID as the Fish Achievements.
  • CounterStat Window: The CounterStat window has been revised. It now displays the actual values of Penya & Perin that have been collected.
  • Perin Auto Convert: An intermittent error on the new Farm-Map, which occasionally prevented automatic conversion from Penya to Perin, has been fixed.
  • Daily Challenge: Issues with the daily challenge for levels RL16~RL20 have been resolved. Challenges in the Royal Content are now properly displayed again.
  • Client-Crash: A bug that caused the client to crash when switching certain animated hats that were modeled on an item has been fixed.
  • Weapon Models: Some stick weapon model skins have been changed from one-handed to two-handed models to enable the model change function with these skins again.
  • Daily Fish Quest: Upon activation of the Event Anarchy Buff "Royal Force", the daily fish quest will, in the future, give out double the number of coins.
  • Royal Force: The Anarchy Buff "Royal Force" now has a description.
  • Anti-Spam Function: A new function has been added that prevents the sending of more than 10 sentences or emotes within 20 seconds.
  • Optimizations: Optimizations have been made on both the client and server side.

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