Easter Events 2023 (English)

Hippity-Hoppity, the Easter magic has arrived! We are excited to present our dazzling Easter Event 2023, bursting with joy, surprises, and shared fun!

This year, we've pulled out all the stops: Experience an abundance of new content, including an exclusive event dungeon filled with thrilling and unique mechanics! Together with your friends, embark on exciting adventures as you explore the event and share unforgettable Easter moments.

But that's not all! To enhance the Easter cheer, we've prepared a limited-time Anarchy Buff for you, which can be activated in the Anarchy Buff window for 50 Anarchy Buff Coupons for the entire community!

With the Spirit of Easter - Anarchy Buff, you'll get EXP+25%, EXP (P40)+10%, and PvE Damage+5% - a true celebration of energy and performance!

Don't worry if you can't complete everything right away: All event NPCs will remain available for a few days after the event ends, allowing you to continue enjoying the Easter delights.

Get ready to explore the Easter wonders and have fun together! Happy Easter and enjoy this colorful Easter Event! :D

Receive Free Items:


Get useful Power-Ups, EXP Items, Job Change Rings &
Platinum Scrolls!

All you have to do is redeem the above promo code on the following page from our server:
Click Here! (Login first)

The Promocode is valid until the 13.04.2023

We wish you a lot of fun & a good start on Entropia!



Welcome to our cheerful and colorful Easter Event on Easter Island, a magical world filled with Easter surprises and challenging puzzles!

The island is adorned with lovingly crafted Easter decorations, vibrant colors, glittering effects, and so much more to get you in the Easter spirit!

Your goal is to locate the mysterious Easter Bunny and master the intricate Easter Island maze. Be brave and adventurous as you wander through the dungeon, collecting colorful Easter eggs, valuable Easter Tokens, and rare Easter Treasures.

Successfully navigate the labyrinth, and you'll be rewarded with the legendary reward room - the epitome of Easter joy!

But beware! There are also devious traps lurking on the island, posing challenging obstacles. Learn from your mistakes and get wiser for your next "runs". Let the Easter magic inspire you and have loads of fun solving this unique Easter adventure! Happy Easter! :)

The following events will be active for you from March 31st, 2023 to April 3rd, 2023:
The events will expire on April 3rd, 2023 at 3:00 AM - UTC+2!

Workers Power

  • You can mine minerals 25% faster!

Mineral Expert

  • Receive an additional ore when mining minerals.

EXP Event x1.5

  • Receive x1.5 more experience for defeating monsters!
    *Platinum 0 to Platinum 50!

Royal EXP +30%

  • Receive +30% more Royal EXP by defeating monsters in the Royal Level 1 to 6 and Level 10 to 15 areas.

Guild EXP x2

  • Receive more Guild EXP for activities (e.g. monster kills).
    *Does not apply to Guild EXP Scrolls!

Penya Event x1.5

  • Increases the Penya rate by x1.5.

 Luck of the Gods+

  • Diamond Drop Bonus +10%, Awake Bonus +5%.
    *Awake Bonus does not apply to augmentations!


  • Collector speed +15%.

The following events will be active for you from April 7, 2023 until April 10th, 2023:
The events will expire on April 10th, 2023 at 11:59 PM - UTC+2! (One day longer than usual!)


  • Receive double the amount of coins for completing quests in Kebaria and Aurania!

Royal Force

  • Increase the number of Cardia Coins received by x2 upon completing quests in Cardia.

EXP Event x2           

  • Receive x2 more experience for defeating monsters!

Boss Respawn Chance +22%

  • Boss monsters in dungeons have a chance to respawn after being defeated!

 Dove of Luck - Daily from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM & 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM - UTC +2

  • Drop+1 effect except in dungeons that have an entry system.
    However, it is also effective in Cooldown Dungeons.
    *Daily at 10:00 AM until 02:00 PM - UTC+2
    *Daily at 06:00 PM until 10:00 PM - UTC+2

Easter surprises await you! It's time to hunt the fabulous White Rabbits in Madrigal, who are playfully roaming this year from Flaris to the Bahara Desert (including Trigrem & Ethral)!

Wherever these magical creatures appear, they drop baskets full of Easter wonders, just waiting to be discovered by you. Look forward to a dazzling variety of special items, including Easter Power-Ups, Premium goodies, and so much more!

Be enchanted by the joy and magic of the Easter season as you explore the world of Madrigal with friends and fellow players, searching for these charming White Rabbits and their colorful treasures.

In this cheerful event, the Easter Bunny personally invites you to challenge him in an exciting game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Are you ready to prove your skill and win fantastic items?

To participate, keep an eye out for coupons that are randomly dropped by all monsters in the game! Collect them diligently and face the fun challenge against the Easter Bunny himself.

The Rock-Paper-Scissors prize list offers different and exciting rewards in each round:

  • Round 1: 1x Scroll of Model Recovery
  • Round 2: 1x Wardrobe Token
  • Round 3: 3x Guild XP Book (10.000)
  • Round 4: 1x Pet Bonus Scroll
  • Round 5: 1x Fashion Bonus Scroll
  • Round 6: 5x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure
  • Round 7: 1x Event Token
  • Round 8: 2x Premium (3 Day)
  • Round 9: 1x Augmentation Treasure (3x Augmentation or 1x Royal Augmentation)
  • Round 10: 1x Blessed Key Recipe Treasure

You can read the exact item effects in our ingame item wiki with CTRL + Z.

In this event, we want to reward you for simply being online and having fun! For each hour you spend in the game, you will receive "Easter Stay Online Treasures" – and that's for up to 10 characters per IP address!

Open these dazzling treasures and look forward to a wealth of Easter surprises! You can find stylish Easter fashion sets, fashionable hats, character emblems, powerful power-ups, Perin, Entropia chips, or even rare Easter furniture for your home!

A spectacular Easter event awaits you, where you can prove your passion for collecting and win fantastic prizes! Until April 13, 2023, 11:59 PM - UTC+2, you have the chance to diligently collect "Carrots" and receive valuable Diamonds (Donate Points) in return.

The mentioned Carrots can be dropped by all monsters in Madrigal – so keep your eyes open and collect as much as you can! The five players who have collected the most Carrots by the deadline will emerge as shining winners.

We will update the status here every few days so you can track your progress. To make the evaluation easier for us, we ask you to keep the collected Carrots in your inventory. We will only consider the Carrots that are in your inventory at the end of the event. Keep them in your inventory until we announce the winners!

Prepare for a colorful and exciting Easter event where your collecting skills are in demand! Good luck and happy Easter! :)

Prize List:

  • First Place: 32.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token + Existing fashion set of your choice.
    *No former Top Don Fashion Model created by us!
    *Sets with effects are also not awarded, only a pure fashion set (Hat, Suit, Gaunts, Boots)!
  • Second Place: 15.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Third Place: 10.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Fourth Place: 7.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Fifth Place: 3.300 Red Diamonds + Event Token

Status - 14th April, 2023 - 19:05 AM - UTC+2:
1: 27501
2: 19776
3: 12964
4: 8777
5: 5655

*It should be noted that Carrots are only evaluated based on inventory. A sudden increase within a day could indicate that the Carrots were previously stored in the bag.

It's time for an exciting Easter giveaway that brims with cheer and festive spirit! We present two giveaways - one for all our loyal Discord users and an exclusive one for our valued Nitro Boosters, where you have better chances of winning!

For all Discord users, a radiant giveaway awaits: We will soon be raffling off an incredible 7x 7,000 Red Diamonds (Donate Currency), just waiting to make your gaming experience even more brilliant!

And for our generous Discord Nitro Server Boosters, we have prepared an exclusive giveaway with better chances: 7 lucky winners will each receive 1,500 Red Diamonds!

This cheerful Easter giveaway runs until April 13, 2023, 06:00 PM - UTC+2. Don't miss this opportunity and celebrate this special time together with us!

For players returning after a long break or newcomers to our server, we have some important information for you:

Our server is a custom server with a wide range of game content. The rates are designed for high-rate gameplay with large numbers, but we have designed the endgame to feel more like a mid-rate or low-rate server.

We also have some important links for you to visit and form your own opinion! :)

Latest Major Content Patch: v9.0.0 - Part 1: Click Here!
Latest Minor Patch: v9.2.0: Click Here!
Adventure Pass (Battle Pass) until 05/21/2023: Click Here!

*The Battle Pass can easily be completed by then.
Beginner Guide: Click Here!

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