Weekend Event (English)

A weekend event on Entropia awaits you!

The following events are active until February 27, 2023 - 03:00 AM - UTC+1 for you:
• Events start on February 24, 2023 - 03:00 AM - UTC+1
• Events end on February 27, 2023 - 03:00 AM - UTC+1


 Natures Gift

  • Receive an extra plant when picking plants.

 Plant Expert

  • You can pick plants 15% faster!

 Demon Power

  • PvE Damage+5%

 Diamond Recycling x2

  • Get double the amount of Diamond Powder by recycling diamonds!
    *You can find the recycling window in the game under "Start -> Features".

 Alchemy EXP x2

  • Receive x2 more Alchemy EXP when creating items through recipes!

 Dungeon Entry +1

  • Another entrance into Entry Dungeons.

Shop Sale:

  Limited Pokeball Sale!
The Pokeballs are available in the ingame Premium Shop for a limited time!
You can purchase them in the store until Monday - 11:59 PM - UTC+1

Depending on the ball, you can get a random Pokemon Pet Model, Badge, Fashion Set or Power-Up from a ball.
Certain Pokemon have very special status values.

Some Pokemon can also be upgraded by a recipe, such as the Shiny Mew to become even stronger!
The Pick-Up Pet Models can also be exchanged to Stat Pet Version at the Pet NPC in Flarine!

 The Premier Pokeballs are available in the Premium Shop!
Receive one of many new Pokemon models (92 pieces) from these balls, which were sent to us from the Paldea region!

The balls also contain the new Pokemon Paradox shapes from the Paldea region.

With some luck you can get a Shiny Pokemon Model or one of four new Pokemon Fashion Sets. The Shiny Pokemon models and sets are very rare to get from this ball!

Sets: Dragonite, Cramorant, Snorlax & Slowpoke (M / F)

The models from this ball have no status values!
The Pet Models can be exchanged for a Status Pet Skin at the Pet Tamer.

However, you can get a few power-ups from these balls, which are already included in the older balls and also farmable balls.

You can also recycle the Pokemon from the Premier Ball to get Pokemon Candy. 10 pieces can be exchanged for a new Premier Ball at the Entropia Chip NPC! 1x Pokemon = 1x Candy.

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