Patch: v9.1.4 (English)

• Christmas Event NPCs have been removed.
• The Candy World and Grinch (Worldboss) teleports have been removed.

*This has reset your own sorting and icons in the teleport window / taskbar.
*As usual, please refrain from suggesting any filler places or other things to place there. This is done intentionally because the maps are completely disabled to save server resources and therefore have no world ID assignment, so placeholder places would not make sense.
• Client optimizations have been carried out to get more frames while playing.
• There should be slightly fewer frame breaks when all players attack Worldboss monsters in large numbers.
• A model cache option has been added for 64-bit clients.

*This option saves all the models you see at the locations for a certain time.
*This should no longer cause more lags when you load players or run around cities.
*Once you see the respective models, they are stored in your RAM for your set time and are then emptied again.
*Please make sure you have enough RAM available because this can go up quite a bit depending on the set time.
*We cannot set it differently for each character and have it saved for you. Otherwise, use the smaller option (5 minutes) or disable it completely, whichever works best for you.
*Note that this option is disabled by default and must be set in the "Game Setting"-Tab in your options in the game. A client restart is not necessary.
• The double damage effect will now be displayed visually with yellow numbers.
• The cleave damage effect from Trance mode will now be displayed visually with purple numbers.
• You can now zoom out further in extended camera view.

*Please refrain from requests that we should display monsters in a larger range through this extended view. This is not an option because the server would unnecessarily use more resources. The server only loads monsters when a player sees or is in their radius.
• Item descriptions will also be hidden by pressing the CTRL key when you mouse over the item.
• The Curus set can now only be worn with Level 175.
• Normal augmentations cannot be used on items below Level 140.
• The colors of the yellow/green and red/blue normal and excellent options have been adjusted in the loot filter.
• There is no level lock to join the PvP Arena anymore.

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