Patch: v9.1.3 (English)

• Client optimizations have been performed.
• You will receive the correct number of items in Cardia by digging up treasures.
• The cooldown of monster skill patterns has been extended by 250ms before they "hit"
• The movement mechanics of the Deep Temple Dungeon have been added to Cardia, Cardia Cave, and their dungeons. This will be used in some new and future game content.
• All monster skill patterns have been revised and now have additional patterns that focus on range classes
• The Royal Darkness/Blood Crackshooter sets now have 7% less PvE 1on1 damage
• The Royal Darkness/Blood Force Master sets now have 11% more PvE 1on1 damage
• The HP of the Royal Blood Yoyo has been increased by 10%
• The Mentalist skill "Maximum Crisis" now does 20% less damage
• The Harlequin has received an additional 5% less HP as a map buff in the PvP/Guild War Arena.
• The Elementor skill "Burningfield" is now as strong as the "Meteo Shower" skill and now has no cooldown.
• The damage of the Elementor skill "Meteor Shower" has been slightly lowered.
•  The rewards bar has been reset and stocked up with new items.
*A separate news on the rewards bar will be provided soon.

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
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  • Server Time01:06 PM
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  • CrownLemon
  • MvPTwiistar

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