A Touch of Christmas (English)

Winter has arrived on Entropia with December! 
We have some events to shorten the waiting time until Christmas! 
During the month of december there will be even more major events!

We have prepared an advent calendar for you in the game!
Get a useful reward from the Advent calendar every day!
The rewards may be different on certain days!

You can access the Calendar in Flarine via the [Cash Shop] Laura-NPC!

To open a door, your character must be at least platinum level 10 or higher.
You must also have been online with your character for at least one hour!

Every day an event will be waiting for you,
which will be announced on our Discord Server in the course of one day!

Join our Discord server to receive notification of what event is taking place. 

To get you in the Christmas mood a little bit more, we recommend you to check the options, 
and set your Madrigal Map to "Christmas Madrigal". 

The Discord Giveaways will start in the next days/weeks for everyone!
The Christmas promo codes will also be written in Discord during the next days/weeks.
Get FREE Items!

Join our Discord Server so you don't miss anything!

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