Black Friday Deals (English)

This year's Black Friday Deals are active!
The offers will run until the 28. November 2022 - 11:59 PM - UTC+2!

-20% discount on almost all Premium Shop categories!
*Excluded: Vote Shop, Red Diamond & Limited Sale Category.

The new Premier Pokeballs are available in the Premium Shop!
Receive one of many new Pokemon models (92 pieces) from these balls, which were sent to us from the Paldea region!

The balls also contain the new Pokemon Paradox shapes from the Paldea region.

With some luck you can get a Shiny Pokemon Model or one of four new Pokemon Fashion Sets. The Shiny Pokemon models and sets are very rare to get from this ball!

Sets: Dragonite, Cramorant, Snorlax & Slowpoke (M / F)

The models from this ball have no status values!
The Pet Models can be exchanged for a Status Pet Skin at the Pet Tamer.

However, you can get a few power-ups from these balls, which are already included in the older balls and also farmable balls.

You can also recycle the Pokemon from the Premier Ball to get Pokemon Candy. 10 pieces can be exchanged for a new Premier Ball at the Entropia Chip NPC! 1x Pokemon = 1x Candy.

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