Patch: v9.1.0 (English)

• The PvE & PvP balance has been reworked.
*The logs will follow individually on our homepage shortly.
*A rework of the Battleground Balance will also follow in the future.
• You can now set a Second Party Leader in your party by right-clicking on the character name in the party window. The second leader can do everything the first party leader can do.
• You can now set a Loot character in the party window by right-clicking on the character name. This character will receive all drops when you pick up and loot something near him.
• Fixed the bug that the safe upgrade count resets on some soulreaver items when you trade those items.
• Dungeon Cooldown information can now be displayed in an invisible window like Marked Quests.
*This information is updated every 30 seconds.
**Edit:** Currently there is still the bug that you can not deselect them after a relog. This will be fixed in the course of the day with a live patch. If you want to fix the dungeon display before the fix, delete the dungeonwnd_xxxxxxx.bin file in your Entropia folder.
• A search bar has been added in the larger Bag window.
• A search bar at NPC Shops has been added.
• The Platinum & Royal level of your friends and guild members is displayed in the Messenger. The level sorting will be patched in later.
• Megaphone shouts from blocked players are no longer displayed.
• The HP of all world boss monsters has been increased by +50%.
• A Daily Quest bug has been fixed.
• Gold, Blood & Dark Royal Beads can __**soon**__ be recycled, the material can then be exchanged for a new Bead Capsule at the Bead NPC in Cardia.
*10x Broken Royal Bead = 1x Bead Capsule.
• Client-side optimizations were made.
• Client-side bugs have been fixed.
• Smaller adjustments to today's patch will follow. Some of them will also be made in live mode in the next 24-48 hours.
• A channel quick switch option has been added to the in-game start menu.
*You can now switch between CH1 and CH2 faster!

• Fixed a bug with the Dungeon Cooldown window.
*Your Quick Info checkmarks are now saved correctly and can be changed even after a re-log.
• Fixed a bug with the channel switch system.
• Sorting by level of your friends / guild members is possible in the Messenger.
*Pressing the level button in the Messenger will sort by Platinum level & pressing it again will sort by Royal level.
• Gold, Blood & Dark Royal Beads can now be recycled.
• The PvP Balance Logs have been added at the end of the Balance News on our homepage!

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