Weekend Sales (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community! 
This weekend we have some new items in the Entropia Shop. 

Until Monday the 21. November 2022 - 11:59 PM - UTC+2

The following items are available for purchase in the Premium Shop:

Scroll of Awakening Augmentations 
The Scroll of Awakening Augmentations (Normal / Fusion) are available for you in the Ingame Premium Shop until Monday 11:59 PM - UTC+2!

These scrolls are also possible to farm in the game!

However, these scrolls cannot be used on the latest endgame equipment/weapons. 
For the Royal Items in the Endgame special Augmentations are needed, which can only be farmed!

Anarchy Buff Lucky Box 
The Anarchy Buff Lucky Box is available for you in the Ingame Premium Shop until Monday 11:59 PM - UTC+2!

Receive a Special Donate Anarchy Buff (1 Hour) or a Normal Anarchy Buff. 
With a little luck, you can also get an Infinity Power Anarchy buff.

Elite Premium Bundle v1 
*Available until the 18. December 2022 11:59 PM - UTC+2
You will receive several items from this premium bundle, which you can choose freely! 
The price is the same as the known premium bundles. 

Pet Effects: All Stats+15, Bloodsuck +10%, EXP (P41+) +10%


Trance Time Boost (3 Days) - Permanently available! 
The Trance Mode, which can be unlocked with Royal Level 15 (Endgame), 
lasts 30 seconds longer after being activated. 
The Time Boost Power-Up does not expire when you are offline! 

Trance-EXP Potion +100% - Permanently available! 
The trance mode can be filled up twice as fast for one hour!

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