Halloween Sales & Events (English)

For the Halloween weekend we have some great offers in store for you! 
The offers are available in our Premium Shop until the 1st, November 2022 - 11:59 PM - UTC+2!

The Red Darkness Treasure is available in the Shop for 3,375 Red Diamonds! 
*Receive Every Item which is inside of the Red Darkness Treasure!  
The Demon Package (Donate) is available in the Shop for 75 Red Diamonds!  
*Receive 1 out of 120 Random Fashion Models, which are only available in this Box!  
*The Animated Ghostmare Weapons can also be received from this Box!  
Limited Halloween Edition Premium Bundles for 1.250 Red Diamonds  
*Receive Premium (30 Days), Fashion Set, Badge, Pets - All in one!  
Cynfael Lucky Box for 100 Red Diamonds  
*Contains a Random Cynfael Weapon Model

Don't forget our other Halloween Events, Giveaways & More:  
Full Halloween Event Notes:  
#giveaway Just press on the Button from the last Bot Message to participate.  
#spookshow Sent us your Halloween Themed Fashion Screenshots!  
#events Check our latest Events!

All information about the offers can be found at the top of this channel.  
Please also check the Threads to see the Items / Models!

DISCORD INFO CHANNEL: #halloween-sales - Click Here!

The following events will be active for you from 28. October until the 2. November 2022 - 03:00 AM - UTC+1: 
The events expire on the 2. November 2022 at 03:00 AM - UTC+2!       

EXP Event x2      
• Receive x2 more EXP for defeating monsters!   

Royal EXP +50% (RL1 ~ RL6)      
• Receive +50% more Royal EXP by killing Monsters in the Royal Level 1 ~ 6 area!   

Royal EXP +30% (RL10 ~ RL15)      
• Receive +30% more Royal EXP by killing Monsters in the Royal Level 10 ~ 15 area!      

Mystic Power      
• There is a 7% Chance that you do twice more Damage on your Enemies (PvE)   
*Not active in Royal Areas!     

• Receive twice the coins for completing quests in Kebaria & Aurania.

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