Patch: v9.0.5 (English)

• A new damage font has been added to the game, which is active by default. 
*You can change this in the options to the old one. 
• The heal numbers of your character and party members are now displayed.
*You can also disable this in the options. 
• Damage and heal numbers are now displayed scattered by default. 
• The monsters element weaknesses and strengths are now shown to you when you hold the mouse over the monsters element. 
• Optimizations to the Item Wiki model viewer. 
• You can directly view the appearance / content of fashion boxes in the model viewer. 
• A larger Bag view has been added, which is active by default. 
*You can also switch to the old view here in the options. 
• Masks and wingmasks can now be hidden directly in the inventory. 
• Infinity Points are now displayed in the CounterStart window. 
• A three-day version of the Shop Status (VIP) was added into the game. 
*Available from Guild Siege NPC for 50 coins 
*Available in the Premium Shop for 300RD later today.
*The smaller version is intended to make it even easier to get this status by farming to set up a shop with extra "features" over the weekend. 
• You can access the Infinity Grid window from your inventory. 
• You can access the Equipment Switch window from your inventory. 
• You can move the locations in the teleport window by selecting a location and holding it for a moment.
*You can reset your order using the reset button in the teleport window. 
*For each "Sort:" category you can adjust your order individually.
*As soon as a new map is added to the server, your set order will automatically reset. 
• The new Adventure Pass content has been completed and will be available for you starting Friday evening. 
*You can now also skip individual quests for a small fee then. 
• A new Premium Bundle has been added, which will also be available for you starting Friday evening. 
• The Daily Cardia Quest descriptions have been adjusted. 
• The Yu-Gi-Oh Pet models have been enlarged a bit. 
• Royal Augmentations, Royal Spirit Dices, Royal Map Tubes and Premium (1 day) may appear in the Shout Event as rewards. 
• Standard house furniture and bead items have been removed from the level 15 to 175 droptable. 
• Beginner Coins have been removed from the Krrr, Big Muscle and Mushmoot World Boss. 
• The Secret Room & Monster Clash rewards have been changed. 
*Here we have deliberately decided against adding Royal Items there now. 
*If we are going to add them there in the later future with a revised balance, then new boxes will be added as well. 
*Therefore, the current boxes/chests do not need to be intentionally saved and can be opened. 
• From Royal Level 6 on, you will be offered daily challenges in Cardia / Cardia Cave, which contain Royal Items (Augs, Reroll Stones, Treasures, Orbs etc). 
*You can also have some bad luck and get some ores / plants for a high number of monster kills. 
*Here we made the decision that there should not be a high reward for it every day. 
• The chance to receive Royal Reroll Treasures and Royal Augmentations in the daily roulette has been increased. 
• The record book has been reset for all classes. 
• Client optimizations and bug fixes.

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