Patch: v9.0.3 (English)

• The bug that very rarely some plants/ores could still not be gathered has been fixed.
• Fixed a bug with the Clash and Secret Room winner/participant buffs.
*These have ensured that incorrect values were displayed.
*However, after a relog/teleport to another world, they were correct again.
• Fixed a bug with saving Diamonds in Royal weapons.
*These now remain saved in the weapon when the server is restarted.
*If someone lost Diamonds due to today's reboot, please open a ticket with a screenshot of his current weapon + character name. We will check the logs and refund them.
• The respawn time of the plants / ores in Cardia has been reduced.
• All Royal Beads now last 30 days.
• The cost of the Royal Bead capsule to receive the Royal Beads has been changed.
• The cost of the Amethyst Forest Loot Orb in Cardia has been lowered.
*350 Pieces to 30 Pieces
• All quest items of the respective quest that you have in your inventory are no longer handed in when completing daily quests.
• Royal weapons now give the maximum ATK bonus when you fuse them.
*Existing Royal weapons that have already been fused have received the maximum ATK bonus in the fusion.
• The Premium Shop can only be opened with Platinum Level 5.
*We have introduced the restriction for the time being to see how it behaves with the vote numbers.
*Previously, the voting system was exploited by a few players in the last few days with the use of countless accounts.
*With the platinum limit we want to make it more difficult to exploit the Vote Shop.
*If we catch players, their accounts will be banned and the platinum limit will prevent them from trying again.
*A lasting good economy on the server is more important for our players in this case than the vote numbers on GTOP100 for a longer existing server.
• Client optimizations & security fixes.
• The Summer Event 2022 has been started.
*The summer event logs will be published soon.

In addition, we have received reports from a few players that the boss group quests in Cardia do not credit a kill in the quest.
We can only inform you that this system is correct so far. The kill is only credited if all players who attack the boss monster have this quest active.
If the player who does the last hit does not have the quest active in the party, then you will not be credited with a kill for that quest.
Please make sure everything is correct in the future and that you are 100% sure if something is wrong before you report something to us.

Regarding the custom glow resets, unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce the bug to fix it yet, because it probably doesn't affect all characters and is triggered less frequently.
If you find any hints or notice something that triggers the reset, please let us know with a message in the bugreport channel on our Discord server.

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
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