Patch: v9.0.2 (English)

• Cardia medicine (power-up) now lasts only two hours instead of five.
*The price of the Cardia Medicine has been reduced by half.
• You now get three Reroll Stones instead of one from the Royal Reroll Treasure.
• The HP of the Royal Knight (World Boss) will be increased during the day in live mode.
• A nickname feature has been added to the login area.
*You can select an account in the Quick Login window (1x click) and then rename it visually using the new button in the login window.
*For example, instead of display your account ID, you can enter your character name there, so you know what's there with a quick look.
• Fixed a quest bug that allowed some characters to repeat quests one more time. The bug has been fixed and will not happen again in the future. This affected three characters in the Royal Endgame. The quests on these players have been removed and the Royal level of them has been reset.
• The bug that some plants and minerals cannot be picked up in the Cardia area has been fixed.
• Royal weapons did not have premium effects when the premium status was active before today's patch. This bug has now been fixed.
• An error in the Daily Reward window has been fixed.
• Anarchy buffs for future events in the new areas have been added.
• Client optimizations

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
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  • Server Time08:13 AM
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  • CrownLemon
  • MvPChristianDior

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