Patch: v9.0.0 - Myths of Cardia (English)

With the patch v9 "Myths of Cardia" we bring you the first part of the new endgame content,
improvements & adjustments on our server +
Early/Midgame Adjustments & Changes!!

More content will be unlocked in the future!
More minor new end/midgame content and customizations will follow on Entropia!

Travel to the island of Cardia, which has been hit by a terrible event!
Demons and other terrible creatures have overrun the island and taken over the bodies of the creatures on the island.

To find out exactly what is going on there, you will have to go to Cardia alone or as a group and face some hurdles along the way!

What exactly will await you, you will learn in the section below!

The Island Cardia ( Solo / Group Quest & Farm Continent )

*Concept Art: Click Here!

Cardia is a hidden island at the edge of Madrigal, which is bigger than Saint Morning or even Darkon and has many resources for the production of items and remedies like rare plants, crystals or minerals.

The island has not been fully explored by all the inhabitants yet, maybe you will find out more.

It is the favorite island of scholars and wise people who moved to Cardia to learn everything about the island.

The island was not too long ago a place for the peaceful inhabitants of Madrigal before the chaos started on the island. Some people such as strong mages, blacksmiths, professors, scientists, adventurers, treasure hunters, miners and soldiers have remained on the island after the incident on Cardia, because they do not want to give up the place and eventually all Madrigal would be in danger!

In Cardia you can expect a lot of content such as a longer story quest, group quests, daily quests, daily group boss monsters, treasures, resources, secrets and puzzles, which must be solved!

There are also three group dungeons on this island, two of them are available at a certain level of progress. One of these dungeons will be unlocked for you in another future patch!

The requirements for Cardia, however, is that you have at least one Soulreaver set & weapon that is heavily upgraded, because the monsters and creatures take absolutely no damage with other weapons! The Soulreaver Items seems to have a special power...

In Cardia you can expect a story quest (one-time), some one-time hunt quests, which can be done alone or as a group and daily quests of which you always get 10 random ones every day, which can be done quickly.

Over 250+ New Monster with every location ( Small Preview )
*Cardia, Dungeons, Open World Dungeons, Level Maps

Cardia - Wilds ( Small Preview )

Cardia - Dragon Thunder Valley ( Small Preview )

Cardia - Snowland ( Small Preview )

Cardia - Cave ( Small Preview )

New Open World - Boss Monster with new Mechanics

Hunt the new boss monsters as a group, which are roaming on the island of Cardia.
These are for Special Daily Quests of which you will receive 6 random ones every day!

*More than 20+ special boss monsters on the island are waiting for you!

Open World - Boss ( Preview 1 out of 20+ New Boss Monster )

Open World - Boss ( Preview 2 out of 20+ New Boss Monster )

Open World - Mechanics / Pattern in different Areas! ( Small Preview )

*You don't want to get hit by that....

Destruction Cavern ( Dungeon )

The Destruction Cavern dungeon can be entered several times a day and has some new mechanics.
We have made sure that this one must be run in a group for now.
This may change to require fewer characters if your equipment is better.
However, the midboss monsters also have a good chance of dropping the new items such as weapons, augmentations, upgrade material, etc;

Azmore Forest ( Dungeon )

The Azmore Forest Dungeon can be entered several times a day and has some new mechanics.
We have made sure that this one needs to be run in a group for now.
This may change to require fewer characters if your equipment is better.
However, the midboss monsters also have a good chance of dropping the new items such as armor, augmentations, upgrade material, etc;

New Levelsystem: Royal Level

Once you reach Platinum Level 50, your Royal Level will appear in the new status window.
The Royal Level starts at RL.0 and currently ends at RL.15.

With each Royal Level-Up you complete, you will always receive four additional status points, which you can distribute in the status window (Hotkey: H).

To level up the Royal level you need a strong Soulreaver equipment and weapons, because without them you won't progress. All new monsters have been balanced to good Soulreaver equipment with power-ups.

By increasing your Royal level you will unlock new locations from the update to travel to.
From Royal Level 15 you unlock additional Quick Teleports on Cardia Island.

The Royal Level path is as follows:
- RL.0 to RL.1: Story Quest at Franklin in Flaris
- RL.1 to RL.6: Wasteland level zone
- RL.6 to RL.10: Cardia Island (Story Quest / Hunt Quests) (Faster than leveling from 1 to 6!)
- RL.10 to RL.15: Amethyst Forest Levelzone (Optional - You need to be RL.10 for the Dungeons / New Eq Items)

*Previous levels must be completed to visit the zones!
*The New Equipment & New Weapons have a Royal Level 10 requirement to wear them!
*The Royal EXP can be collected as a group to increase your Royal Level!

You will receive additional Entropia Chip Perins (10~20) each. Royal Level Up and a
Reward Treasure with Royal Level 10 & Royal Level 15.

With Royal Level 1, 6, 10 and 15 you will unlock special Badges.

Last Job Change with Royal Level 15! (A Window will Pop-Up when you reach RL.15)
Ring of Wonder (Job Change) Items don't work anymore when you reach Royal Level 15!
We might add new Job Change Rings for such Characters in the future!

Wasteland - Level Zone ( RL.1 until RL.6 )

Wasteland is the first Royal Level area, which is unlocked from Royal Level 1.
There you can level up your character from RL. 1 to RL. 6.

There are many different monsters roaming around there.
An ingame map for this continent is also available!

The monsters are balanced on strong Soulreaver items with active power-ups.
The EXP rate there is also set very low because this is the newest endgame content.

The Royal EXP can be collected as a group to increase your Royal Level!
Characters with a higher Royal Level can level other players in the correct level area as well!

Royal EXP Items:

- New Amplification in the Premium Shop
- Premium Status
- Scroll of Party-Up
- New Royal EXP Anarchy Buff
- Item Boni Effects on Royal Items (Later. Game Content)
- Farmable EXP Power-Ups (Later. Game Content)
*The items you can farm later in the game are especially helpful for secondary characters.

Amethyst Forest - Level Zone ( RL.10 until RL.15 )

The Amethyst Forest is the second Royal Level area, which is unlocked from Royal Level 10.
There you can level up your character from RL. 10 to RL. 15.

There are many different monsters roaming around there.
An ingame map for this continent is also available!

The monsters are balanced on strong Soulreaver items with active power-ups.
The EXP rate there is also set very low because this is the newest endgame content.

The Royal EXP can be collected as a group to increase your Royal Level!
Characters with a higher Royal Level can level other players in the correct level area as well!

Royal EXP Items:

- New Amplification in the Premium Shop
- Premium Status
- Scroll of Party-Up
- New Royal EXP Anarchy Buff
- Item Boni Effects on Royal Items (Later. Game Content)
- Farmable EXP Power-Ups (Later. Game Content)
*The items you can farm later in the game are especially helpful for secondary characters.

New Royal Darkness & Blood - Equipment & Weapons

With this patch we have added new sets and weapons in the game, which can be dropped in the new dungeons.
These can also be crafted with the necessary items required by the NPCs in Cardia.

The Royal Darkness weapons & sets are designed for damage. (Damage Equipment)
The Royal Blood Weapons & Sets are designed for Health. (HP Equipment)

Each class has its own sets, which also differ visually. (128 Models)

The Royal Weapons are 10% stronger on +0 than Soulreaver Weapons on +10
The Royal Sets are on +0 20% stronger than Soulreaver Sets on +10

The effects of the Royal weapons & sets can be increased by the new upgrade system!

The Royal Items can only be created from Royal Level 10.

No merge scroll is needed for these sets!

Awakenings, Cards, Diamonds etc; must be redone on these items.

For the Awakenings, we have added a scroll at the NPC in Cardia that will give you 2x Max Awakening lines and randomize the remaining three. There are also new Royal Augmentation scrolls for the items, which can be purchased from the NPC in Cardia or rarely dropped in the new dungeons. (Only by farming).

The older Augmentations, which were only available up to the Soulreaver Equipment / Weapons, are now also offered from time to time limited in the store. (The offers will take place in the future)

For the Royal Items we have made a new Bonus Stat System for you, which is much more comfortable than our old one.

All bonus stats are adjusted to the individual classes. So a Slayer can't get INT bonus stats on the items.

Also, there can be up to three bonus effects on the Royal Items.
Two normal and one special bonus, which has an animated item icon and glows differently depending on the upgrade level.

More about the bonus system & rerolls as well as the special bonus possibilities you will find out as soon as the logs are completely updated!

New Element Weapon Glow for all Royal Two-Hand Weapons ( 5 Elements )

*More can come in the future + for onehand weapons!
*You can switch the glow effects with a Scroll of Weapon Glow (Old, v15 Glow, Royal Glow)

New Bonus System: Royal Darkness & Blood - Equipment & Weapons

The new Royal Weapons & Set Parts can drop with up to three bonus values.
Two normal and one special bonus, which has higher values.

All New Bonus Values in the new system are matched to their job classes.
For example, a Slayer can't get INT bonus values on his equipment, which makes it easier to get higher bonus values on the first two slots.

The Special Bonus is rare and should remain so.

In Cardia, you can re-roll the bonus values of royal items, but this comes at a price.
Different materials from the dungeons or reroll chests are required from the NPC with some currency.

Per. Item one has 10 reroll attempts, which however can be refilled with a scroll.

You can only re-roll the Special Bonus if you also have a Special Bonus on the item.
You can get the special bonus by dropping or by using the "All Lines Roll" function.

The reroll system is designed to really get the last of the royal items and is not meant to be quick. It is important that you get the items and bonus values from the dungeons or by crafting royal items and not by rerolling alone, so the price of rerolling is very expensive.

Don't forget that each job class always gets useful stats, if rerolling were cheaper then there would be no point in getting the items from the dungeons, which is the real plan of this game content.

*Best values/strongest from top to bottom!

The item rarity depends on the special bonus on the item.
The rarity changes if you have other special bonuses on the item.

New Upgrade System: Royal Darkness & Blood - Equipment & Weapons

A new Royal Upgrade system has been added.
You need to collect the necessary material and forge it on the weapon / set part.
The weapon / set part always receives a certain EXP amount, which varies depending on the upgrade level.
Additionally, some currency is always taken out of the game.

The EXP values from upgrading are displayed on the Royal Items!

The material for upgrading you can drop from the Cardia monsters.
From higher upgrade levels upgrade material from the dungeons is needed.

Two-handed weapons have double material requirement because this should be fair for all players.

Soulreaver Sacrifice: Soul Power-Up & Trance Mode

This system is important for the latest Endgame content and has to do with the Soulreaver items so that they don't become useless due to the new Royal items. It is also to ensure that the prices of Black & Soulreaver items increase in value among players.

You can sacrifice your Soulreaver items with bonus values to get a Soul Power-Up & Trance Mode!
There is a Soul Power-Up for your Damage Equipment & one for your HP Equipment.
These power-ups are class-specific and cannot be traded.

So you can't take cheaper equipment from another class to get it.
The window is only available from Royal Level 15. (No more job change possible)
*If new Job Change rings are added to the game in the future, you will permanently lose the Active Soul Power-Ups & Trance Mode if you change your Job!

The Soulreaver set & weapon must be upgraded to +7!
For the Soulreaver sacrifice, the bonus values of your Soulreaver equipment/weapon are considered (except hands/shoes)

The higher your bonus value on the items that are destroyed, the stronger the power-up!
It is recommended to use the system only at the end once your Royal Equipment is better than the Soulreaver Set!

The following items can be obtained, depending on the bonus values of your sets / weapons:
The bonus values must make sense to the class!
For example, no INT Slayer shoes can be used!

Average Bonus Values: (Power-Up Reward)
- Damage Power-Up (Medium): PvE Damage+10%, PvP Damage+5% (Damage Set / Wep. Sacrifice)
- HP Power-Up (Medium): HP+15%, Alle Statuswerte+20 (HP Set / Wep. Sacrifice)
*Both power-ups can be used simultaneously, but the higher ones cannot be active at the same time!
*Will also be unlocked as a character badge!

High Bonus Values: (Power-Up + Trance Mode Reward)
- Damage Power-Up (High): PvE Damage+20%, PvP Damage+8% (Damage Set Sacrifice)
- HP Power-Up (High): HP+25%, Alle Statuswerte+35 (HP Set / Wep. Sacrifice)
*Both power-ups can be used at the same time, but the higher/lower ones cannot be active at the same time!
*Will also be unlocked as a character badge!

Perfect Bonus Values: (Power-Up + Trance Mode Reward)
- Damage Power-Up (Perfect): PvE Damage+25%, PvP Damage+12% (Damage Set / Wep. Sacrifice)
- HP Power-Up (Perfect): HP+30%, Alle Statuswerte+50 (HP Set / Wep. Sacrifice)
*Both power-ups can be used at the same time, but the higher/lower ones cannot be active at the same time!
*Will also be unlocked as a character badge!

List of the required Bonus Values on Sets / Weapons: Click Here!

Soulreaver Sacrifice: Trance Mode Unlock

The trance is one's own elemental force and represents the will to live.
It is caused by emotional outbursts.
The skills of the performer increase enormously for a short time.
When you unlock the Trance Mode, you get an additional Trance Mode badge.
This mode will be removed if you change your job class in the future!

*From RL. 15 the job change is no longer possible, only by a possibly appearing future job change ring!

The Trance Mode must be charged piecewise by damage to or from monsters.
You can see this when a new bar is displayed above your character.
Once the bar is full, you can activate the trance mode via a button that appears on the right side!

The Trance Mode lasts for two minutes and cannot be activated in the Guild Siege!
As soon as you visit a city, the mode is deactivated and reset to zero.

The bar can be charged faster or last longer with farmable power-ups.
Exclusive power-ups that speed up the trance EXP bar or increase the duration will also be available in the Premium Shop!

Trance Mode Effects:
- ATK +20%
- HP-Rate +25%
- Cleave Damage Chance +20% (Chance to trigger an AoE on monsters with attacks)

- Cleave Damage Rate +40% (40% of the main damage jumps to the monsters around it)
- Attackspeed Break +35% (You attack faster than 100% e.g. with 135%.)
- Attackspeed +25%
- Castspeed Break +35% (You cast skills 35% faster -> 100% Max becomes 135% Max)
- Speed +50%

Player Shop: Shop Search Changes & Shop V.I.P Status

With this update we have redesigned the Shop search and linked it to a VIP store status.

The Old Shop Search before the patch, displayed items from each player store and offered them for sale directly there, however, this caused players to push certain items down from the market value by being the first to sell them faster, causing the prices of certain items to drop or have no value at all.

So that the player shops and shout sales / interactions get more importance and you have to actively participate, we have changed this function and limited it. You must therefore again Shout and look through the shops for good deals / offers!

If you want to sell your items faster and promote your store, you can use the VIP Shop Buff!

The shop search only shows / sells items from stores that have the store VIP Buff from the Premium Shop Active.

*It should be a kind of "advertising" service for their own player stores, as when you pay for example for advertising on Google to display your store clearly visible on page 1. All players (even without Premium / VIP Buff) can buy from the Shop Search.
Only the own vendor / character must have this buff active!

This VIP Shop Buff lasts 30 days and offers the following benefits:

- V.I.P Shop Title -
- You can set up to three duplicated Vendors in different locations. -
- You can set up vip shops in all other cities except Flaris -.
- You can have a banner ad displayed over your store. -

*The banners appear at a certain range and scale with the camera.
*There might be some adjustments to the advertising banners in the future.

- Your items will be offered for sale in VIP Shop search -
- All players without Premium / VIP buff can also use the search function to shop at VIP stores -

Royal Beads ( Pick-Up Pet )

In Cardia you can acquire and farm the new Royal Beads!
Four white Royal Standard Beads must be previously active in the pet to activate Golden, Blood or Darkness Beads in the pet!

These beads have much stronger effects than the regular beads!


Collect and research the plants of Cardia. With the help of an expert in Cardia, you can create magic potions or
objects, which can be useful for upgrading Royal Items.

You can also use this to craft power-ups that will increase your Royal EXP by another +180%.
These EXP power-ups are especially useful for new characters who are just starting to level up or in the Royal Level 10 to 15 area!


Collect and explore the rocks and crystals of Cardia!
Some remaining residents of Cardia will help you.
Maybe the knowledge you gain from this could be of use to you!

Treasure Hunt

There are hundreds of hidden treasures in Cardia!
You need the corresponding treasure map to find the treasures.
You can find treasure maps or purchase a random treasure map from a Cardia resident for a fee.
Chests can be dug out, which contain valuable treasures and are very useful!

Royal Knight ( Community World Boss )

The Royal Knight is a new world boss that is accessible for Royal level 10 characters and drops useful runes for the Cardia area!

Clockworks Runes & King's Hearts are also needed in the new area!

More Royal Updates ( Endgame )
• From Platinum Level 75 to 99 and Platinum Level 100+ there are matching rewards in the Daily Roulette System.
• The Ultimate Glyph can be upgraded to a Omega Glyph in the Cardia content starting at Royal Level 15.

*This requires rare quest items, which can be dropped from the new dungeons.
• Hundreds of new Achievements have been added for the new game content.
• The Royal Level is now shown as a status in Discord if you have activated the view.
• The new locations from the update are also displayed in the Discord status.
• There is a channel selection when teleporting to the new level maps.
• Countless new monsters and world mechanics have been added to the game, which will also be available in new content in the future. e.g. new content for the early or midgame & future further endgame content.
• Scroll of Holy's or normal Scroll of Resurrections cannot be used in Cardia / Cardia Cave.

*Here all players should pay attention and get a Ringmaster for the Giants in Cardia, which is useful against debuffs.
• The speed in Cardia is limited to 225% and in the new dungeons to 100% to not be able to take advantage of the new mechanics.
• On all new maps (key "M") the monsters are displayed with the corresponding drops and royal level.
• New quest mechanics and requirements have been added for the new content.

*e.g. all players get the quest item drops when one drops and picks it up.
• Daily quests in Cardia are issued randomly, every day all players receive the same 10 random quests.
*Boss monster quests can also be completed together as a group.
• Some quests give additional platinum level experience.
• It shows how much Royal EXP you get from a one-time quest in Cardia.
• The Jobchange window appears for every player who reaches Royal Level 15.
• The existing Job Change Ring can no longer be used with Royal Level 15!

*Another ring for this level may follow in the future.
• New stat scrolls have been added to give your royal items more stats.
*These work like the well-known Scroll of Strength (+4 ~ +16), which guarantees that you add a random number of values to your weapon.
*The Royal Scrolls give you random stats between +16 and +32
• New Royal Augmentation Scrolls have been added to the game, which you can only farm.
• You get plants, stones (mining) and other useful items from the treasure hunting system.
*In the treasure hunt system, you always get a chest that contains many items in a high number.
• New Awake scrolls have been added for Royal Items.

*You can use it to add 2x Perfect Awake lines on your items and get three random ones on the remaining lines.
*These scrolls are used to facilitate the construction of Royal Equipment.

• New Royal Spirit Dices have been added that allow you to upgrade your PvE stats up to +125 in the "H" window.
*You can make the Royal Spirit Dice in different ways, e.g. with items from Cardia or partly with the old Spirit Dice, which you can get from "useless" Black Shiny / Soulreaver stuff.
• New item transys have been added to change the gender of royal items.
• Plants, ores and treasure chests go into the bag if you have already placed a certain species there and have the "Collect in bag" function active.
• During bonus rerolling or upgrading, the necessary currency will be opened from your inventory.

*e.g. if you lack Perin but have a Black Perin in your inventory.
• The Reroll Slot Reset Scroll is used automatically and a confirmation window pops up asking if you want to use it if you have one in your inventory and your Bonus Reroll went to 0 out of 10.
• The royal level of players is displayed when you click on them in the game.
• The Scroll of Party UP now gives an additional +25% Royal EXP.
• Premium status gives an additional +20% more Royal EXP.
• A new Royal EXP Anarchy buff has been added, which can be activated for the entire community.
• The Ivillis Dungeon has been reworked into a short quest area, which serves as an introduction to the new content.
• New rewards await you in the dungeon ranking for the new dungeons (top 1 ~ 3) - Click Here!
• The Cardia Monster Coins can be converted to a Monster Coin Bag to save inventory space.
• Team members of Entropia cannot teleport characters to themselves in Cardia.

*This is to prevent to get advantages e.g. to kill boss monsters.
*Team members usually do not do this, however, there can always be black sheep.

• New in-game music has been added in all new areas.
• Adjustments to the dungeons or Exchanges in Cardia will follow once we get more player feedback on them.

• Clockworks Runes and King's Hearts are still useful for the new game content.

Other Changes
• The glow system was changed to get more frames/FPS out of the game.
*The old Glow system hurt the performance even with Glow effects disabled, now it should run better.
*Further adjustments will follow to make the game more stable in busy places.

• The weekly Infinity Point limit has been increased to 2,000,000 (previously 1M) - this change will be active at the next server restart.
*A description in the Infinity Buff (In game) has been added. This will also be changed at the next server restart.
• Added more EXP items to the Beginner Box.
• When you reach platinum level 41, you will receive more EXP items as a reward.

• The running animation of all monsters has been adjusted. They are still the same speed when running, only the animation seems more fluid and correct.

• The Ancient Balloon, Ancient Power-Up, Ultimate Balloon, Ultimate Power-Up can no longer be disabled from the "J" window. This was done to prevent players from accidentally deleting them. With a Potion from Flaris, they can be restored to the inventory as before and traded again.
• The old Scroll of Awakening Augmentations can now be farmed by collecting Pieces from monsters up to level 180. Once you have accumulated a certain number, you can exchange them for an Augmentation at the Entropia Chip NPC.
*These scrolls should not be massively farmed, because they can also be acquired in the Premium Dungeon, Guild War, Daily Rewards, Events or other gimmicks.
*Due to this further change, we will offer these old augmentations in the store from time to time as limited offers, especially since this doesn't really give any advantages in the new endgame content, because you need new ones there, which can only be farmed there through dungeons or other activities.

• More power-ups have been added to the Guild Siege Buff Box.
*This also applies to seasonal event items such as Easter eggs or Halloween candy.
*At the respective events, these are temporarily removed from the box again, so that players have to earn them again.
*Power-ups from special boxes or those that can be easily farmed were not added.

• The Awake Transfer Scroll now shows the correct values when you place a weapon without fusion in the window and transfer the values from it to an item with fusion. The fusion awakening is preserved.
• A message will now appear at certain farm areas stating that AFK farming is prohibited on all maps and is against our server rules. If someone is caught farming AFK, this will result in a temporary or permanent account suspension (on individual or all accounts). It depends on how this person has farmed and what things were used for it.

• The spawn rate in the Ivillis Dungeon has been increased.
• Some words were removed from the "Bad Word" filter because it prevented some character names from being used.
• The Yakshadain Stick has been changed from a 1H to a 2H weapon so that modeling works again.
• The bug that a client crashes when the Demon God or Fire Spirit Pet is out and you attack a Giant has been fixed.

• In the Golem Temple (dungeon) the drop chance has been increased a bit.
• In the Golem Temple (dungeon) another dungeon entry was added.
• The boss monsters in Golem Temple (dungeon) have been weakened by -30%.
• The HP from the Golem End Boss in the Golem Temple no longer regenerates, but the HP has been slightly increased.
• The HP of the Trigrem Ruins Boss Monster has been lowered by -25%.
• The damage from the Trigrem Ruins Boss monsters has been reduced by -15%.
• The Rhisis Trail Dungeon now has 4 dungeon entries.

• The damage of the Gaia Forest Boss monsters has been reduced by -25%.
• The pre boss monster in the Gaia Forest Dungeon no longer heal.
• The HP of the pre-boss monster in the Magma Cave Dungeon has been lowered by -20%.
• Damage from the Devlo and Baldur boss in the Magma Cave Dungeon has been reduced by -15%.
• The pre-boss monster in the Aurania Temple now have -20% less HP.
• The Open World monsters in Ethral and Trigrem now have -20% less HP.

• The Normal Ethral & Trigrem Dungeon monsters now have -20% less HP.
• The Guardians of the Sky monsters in the Heaven of Madrigal dungeon have -50% less damage and -20% HP.
• The spawn rate of the Guardian of the Sky monsters from the Saphira Dragon final boss in the Heaven of Madrigal dungeon has been reduced by -22%.
• The HP of the Behemoth (Hologram) Boss Monster in the Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon has been reduced by -20%.
• The Dragon Sets, Cloaks & Masks at the Entropia Chip dealer are now a lot cheaper!
• Venux Charm (Drop Protection+) price has been reduced by half.

• All Ultimate Items can now be purchased for 65 Ultimate Pieces. Previously, some were available for 75 Pieces.
• Entropia weapons now cost 50 ECP instead of 100 ECP at the Entropia Chip dealer.
• Shiny Entropia weapons now cost 100 ECP instead of 200 ECP at the Entropia Chip dealer.
• The Winner/participant buffs from the Guild Siege, Monster Clash, Secret Room, Battleground now work again without problems and give the correct effects.
• The cost of Augmentation Scrolls in the Guild Siege Shop has been reduced to 50. (Previously 150)
• The Beginner Coins on new characters have been removed. New characters now receive the correct 7 days of free weapons, sets, and cloaks for their job class starting at level 60. The gender of the set just needs to be selected correctly. If a mistake is made, we will not exchange it and you will have to create a new character.

• Doubled the chance when upgrading Soulreaver weapons and equipment. (+0 to +10)
• The Monster Clash now has -400% melee and ranged defense buffs.
• All buffs from characters are removed at the Monster Clash entry so you need to take the right job classes into the Clash!

• If you die in the Monster Clash and revive yourself, you will end up at the beginning of the map.
• Fixed a visual bug with the dungeon info in dungeons.
• Fixed a visual bug in the Monster Clash statistics (Monster Kills).
• Characters who have not yet reached platinum level 5 will get an info text when they click on VIP Shops in Flaris.

• The Jobchange window will no longer be transferred to the login area if you have it open and logout.
• Valuable items / fashion sets can no longer be modeled or combined incorrectly. This has happened with a few players, whereby their items were destroyed and should now be prevented.
• You will now get a window when activating the stat scrolls on equipment/weapons where you can re-roll the values by pressing a button instead of pressing the scroll first and then the item. Example: Click Here!
• In the Fashion Jewel Manager you can reroll the last inserted stone if you have the appropriate material in your inventory. Example: Click Here!

• Changes to the PvP balance will follow in the future. The priority is currently to fix bugs from the patch.

Skill Changes
Force Master:
• The billposter skill "Baraqijal Esna" causes a monster to do 10% more damage for 20 seconds, but also takes 10% more damage from players. The cooldown is 45 seconds.
• The block rate on Forcemaster Sets has been reduced by -30%. (Shiny sets excluded!)
• The Billposter skill "Bgvur Tialbold" now requires Less MP to Cast. (-50)
• The Force Master skill "Touch of Rhisis" now gives the buff: Critical Damage+20% and All Stats+20
• The Force Master skill "Ire of Ibliss" now gives the buff: PvE Damage +5%, Attack +5%.
• The Force Master skill "Shades Calamity" now gives the buff: Additional damage +200 and magic acceleration +20%.
• The Force Master skill "Bubbles Blessing" now gives the buff: Magic Attack+300 and Speed+20%.

• The Assist Buff "Prevention" activates when 20% HP is left. The cooldown is 25 seconds.
• The Ringmaster buff "Holy Guard" now gives the buff: HP rate +8%.
• The Ringmaster buff "Spirit Fortune" now gives the buff: Attack +8%.
• The Ringmaster buff "Geburah Tiphreth" now gives the buff: Additional damage +350, Magic attack +200
• The Seraph Buff "Heavens Step" now gives the buff: Speed +35%.
• The Seraph buff "Divine Prosperity" now gives the buff: PvE Damage +5% and Melee Defense +10%.
• The Seraph buff "Raiment of Rhisis" now gives the buff: HP rate+10% and ranged defense +10%.
• The Assist skill "Heal" now heals more and scales much better with the INT value.
• The Ringmaster skill "Heal Rain" has been buffed and now heals much more.

• The Blade Buff "Berserk" now gives the buff: Additional Damage +400, PvE Damage +10%.
• Slayer sets have been buffed everywhere and give +3% more damage against monsters.

• The Templar skill "Templar's Call" now works with two-handed swords and draws monsters to itself and takes over their aggro. Worldboss monsters are ignored.
• The Templar buff "Heart of the Tower" now absorbs 5% Boss Monster damage and 5% Normal Monster damage.


• The Harlequin buff "Minds Eye" now gives you the buff: 10% melee defense.
• The Jester buff "Special Yo-Yo Mastery" now gives you the buff: PvE Damage +10%.

• The Mentalist buff "Laughter of La Croic" now gives the debuff to other: Damage -15% and works for 20 seconds with a cooldown of 45 seconds.
• The Mentalist buff "Criminel's Hand" now gives a debuff to other: -15% Marksmanship and lasts 20 seconds with a 45 second cooldown.
• The Mentalist buff "Samedi's Embrace" causes a debuff that makes you do 10% more damage to the enemy (PvE) and works for 20 seconds with a cooldown of 45 seconds.

• The Arcanist skill "Astral Moon" is now +30% stronger.
• The Elementor buff "Wind Master" now gives the buff: Speed +40%.


Hotfix / Adjustments #1:
• Vendor Shop client crash on close fixed.
• Combining fashion items caused a DC and is now fixed.
• Dark Venel Guardian respawn time reduced from 5min to 2min.
• Catcher Monster Damage Reflect Rate halved.

Hotfix / Adjustments #2:
• Fixed the Mouse Jump Bug.

*Some players could not jump with it properly.
Fixed a Bug with the Crackshooter Animation.
• A few client crash bugs have been fixed, which rarely occurred.

Hotfix / Adjustments #3:
• The bug that you could cancel the skills for each class while running has been fixed.
*It was Buggy since day 2 of this Patch. It was not possible before for every class.
*In the Deep Temple Dungeon it is still possible because of the Camera lock.

• VIP Shops can no longer be set up in Flaris.
• However, VIP Shops can be placed in all other cities, e.g. Darkon, Cardia etc;
• The "W, S, A, D" keys close the VIP Vendor Shops.
• A bug is fixed where some classes had the wrong skill icons listed.
• Adjustment to the Cardia EXP Power-Up Prices.
• The Cardia EXP Power-Ups was added to the Cardia Earth Treasure.
• The Infinity Point Cap was set to 2M / Weekly and will get a reset every Friday.
• Some Performance Adjustments
• Small other fixes, which do not affect the game experience.

We hope you like our latest patch!
Don't forget that you can expect a lot of new content and changes in the early, midgame and endgame in the future!

In the next few days we will be busy fixing bugs from this patch and making balance technical changes like cardia adjustments, dungeon adjustments or adjustments to NPCs and their prices/requirements.

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