Patch-Notes: v8.3.1.2 (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
in this patch we have adapted a few small things for you so that a few things fall a little easier.

  • Prices from the Kebaria Exchanger minimally reduced.
  • Prices of the Aurania Exchanger minimally reduced.
  • Prices of the Trigrem Exchanger minimally reduced.
  • Prices from the Ethral Exchanger minimally reduced.
  • Ethral Garden dungeon entries increased to three entries per day (Without premium = two)
  • Trigrem Ruins Dungeon Entries increased to three entries per day (Without Premium = two)
  • Two Soulreaver Bonus Upgrade Scrolls were added to the game (Weapons / Equipment)
    *These scrolls are available at the Trigrem / Ethral Exchanger.
    *With this scroll you can only transfer the bonus of a Destroyed Soulreaver Item to a Finished Soulreaver Item.
    *The bonus effect of the Destroyed Soulreaver item must be identical to that of the Finished Soulreaver item.
    *The bonus value of the Destroyed Soulreaver Item must be higher than the value of the Finished Soulreaver Item, because you want to "upgrade" it with the scroll.
    *For example, you can select the +35 STR bonus from the Destroyed Soulreaver item and select the +20 STR already present in the Finished Soulreaver item.
  • Dungeon Ranking System Bug Fixes

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