Easter Events 2022 (English)

This year's Easter event has been launched!
We have a lot of content to offer you!

Including an exclusive event dungeon with some mechanics!

Explore the event and have fun together! :D

Also we added a Limited Time Anarchy Buff for everyone in the Anarchy Buff Window for 50 Anarchy Buff Coupons!

Spirit of Easter - Anarchy Buff
EXP+25%, EXP (P40)+10%, PvE Damage+5%

All event NPCs will be available for you a few days after the event!

Easter Island is an event instance that we made especially for you!
Many Easter event items, models, effects and much more were added by us!

Your task is to find the Easter bunny and solve the Easter Island maze!
Collect Easter Eggs, Easter Tokens & Easter Treasures in this dungeon!

This dungeon can be completed in its entirety and is finished as soon as you reach the reward room!

Make sure that there are also traps that make it difficult for you to progress!
Pay attention to your mistakes in the next "runs" you make! :)

The following events are active for you until the 11th April, 2022:

The events expire on the 11th April, 2022 at 03:00 AM - UTC+2!

  •  EXP x2
    • Receive x2.0 more EXP for defeating monsters!

  •  Activity EXP+
    • The Activity EXP increases your experience for leveling through activites for Platinum level 50+ characters.

  •  Boss Respawn Chance +22%
    • Boss monsters in dungeons have a 22% chance to reappear after being killed.

  •  Riot+
    • Receive twice the coins for completing quests in Kebaria & Aurania.

  •  Collecting+
    • Collector Speed +15%

The following events are active for you from the 15th April until the 18th April, 2022:

The events expire on the 18th April, 2022 at 03:00 AM - UTC+2!

  •  Alchemy EXP x2
    • Receive x2 more Alchemy EXP when creating items through recipes!

  •  Diamond Recycling x2
    • Get double the amount of Diamond Powder by recycling diamonds!
    *You can find the recycling window in the game under "Start -> Features".

  •  Mystic Power+
    • There is a 7% Chance that you do twice more Damage on your Enemies (PvE)

  •  Defense of the Gods+
    • Absorbs 10% of the damage you receive from monsters and boss monsters!

  •  Dove of Luck - Daily at 10:00 AM ~ 02:00 PM & 06:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM - UTC+2
    • Drop+1 effect except in dungeons that have an entry system.
    However, it is also effective in Cooldown Dungeons.
    *Daily at 10:00 AM until 02:00 PM - UTC+2
    *Daily at 06:00 PM until 10:00 PM - UTC+2

The White Rabbits are appearing all over Madrigal!
*Flaris up to the Bahara Desert (+Trigrem & Ethral)

These drop you baskets, which contain special items for you! :)
Like e.g. Easter Power-Ups, Premium Status and more.

The Easter Bunny gives you the opportunity to challenge him in the rock paper scissors game!
Take the challenge and get great items!

You will receive the coupons randomly dropped from all monsters in the game!

Rock Paper Scissors - Pricelist:

  • Round 1: 15x Diamond Powder
  • Round 2: 3x Guild XP Scroll (Large)
  • Round 3: 3x Desctruction Prevention Scroll
  • Round 4: 2x Scroll of Card Restoration
  • Round 5: 5x Glyph of the Ancients Box
  • Round 6: 5x Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasure
  • Round 7: 1x Event Token
  • Round 8: 3x Premium (3 Days)
  • Round 9: 9x Gaia Erz
  • Round 10: 1x Blessed Key Recipe Treasure

Receive "Easter Stay Online Treasures" for every hour spent online in the game!
*Only up to 10 characters per. IP address!

From this chest you can get Easter Fashion Sets, Fashion Hats, Character Emblems, Power-Ups, Perin, Entropia Chips or rare Easter Furniture for your house!

The players who collect the most  "Carrots" until the 18th April, 2022 - 11:59 PM - UTC+2 will receive Diamonds (Donate points).
The Carrots can be dropped on all monsters in Madrigal!

There will be five winners!
The status is updated here every few days!

Please keep the carrots in the inventory so that the evaluation is easier for us!
We will pay attention only to the carrots from the inventory!


  • First Place: 15.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token + Fashion Set nach Wahl
  • Second Place: 10.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Third Place: 7.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Fourth Place: 7.000 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Fifth Place: 3.300 Red Diamonds + Event Token
  • Current Top 5:
  • First Place: Lusamine 12543x Carrots
  • Second Place: Lapidar 12511x Carrots
  • Third Place: souu 7213x Carrots
  • Third Place: Andress 5845x Carrots
  • Fifth Place: lllllIIIIIlllll 5042x Carrots

From Today on, there will be a normal giveaway/raffle and a giveaway/raffle for our Nitro Booster (better chance)!

Among all Discord users we raffle:
7x 4,000 Diamonds

Among all Discord Nitro Server Booster we raffle:
7x 1,500 Diamonds

We will Announce the Winners on the 17th April, 2022 at 06:00 PM - UTC+2

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