Christmas Event 2021 & Anniversary (English)

18th December, 2021 until the 2nd January, 2022
    3-Year Anniversary | Christmas Event | Christmas Days    

Dear Entropia Community, because Christmas is getting closer every day, we have started a Christmas event for you!

Celebrate the feast of love together with the community!

Help Santa gather materials for his little helpers and in return receive great gifts from him for your character!
You have a gift selection possibility of several hundreds of items, which are offered only at Christmas as an event item!

Be sure to check out our news "A Touch of Christmas (English)" to find out everything!

During the event, coupons for free exclusive items and models will be distributed on our Discord server!

Double Discord Nitro Boosters get a few more items and some more stuff.

You are welcome to join our Discord server:

We will announce more daily events on our Discord Server, which will be active for 24 hours!

Just have a look at our Discord server!

From the 25th December, 2021 until the 29th December, 2021 you can expect the Christmas Days Event,
which will give you the following effects:

  • EXP x2
  • Penya x1.25
  • Infinity Power x2 (+ An additional weekly reset to earn more points)

A new Event Farm world has been added, which is open to all players.
You can do tasks for Santa there and make a recipe that will reward you with coins.
You can use these Candy World coins to get special items from Santa.
Among them there are also a few new models, which have been added this year.

Santa's quests in Candy World are infinitely repeatable every day!
These quests also give you a small amount of Activity EXP for Platinum 50+.

Additional Monsters:
The Monkey & Goblins are spread all over the Candy World and appear every hour!
*These drop Perins & Entropia Chip Perins for you.

There is also the "Xmas Lykan" boss, which appears several times every two hours on the Candy World
and gives Candy World Coins to the one who kills him!

All monsters in the Candy World additionally drop more Penya.

You can collect new pieces of furniture for the Christmas season, which you can place in your house!

Entropia is turning three years old and we are celebrating with a little extra event!
The Mochikochis will appear everywhere in Madrigal (+Ethral / Trigrem) from 12/18/2021 until the 12/21/2021,
which will drop birthday gift boxes for you, which contains useful items such as:

  • Scroll of Awakening Augmentations
  • Special optical Character Badges for your Character
  • Premium Status
  • Useful Event Power-Ups
  • Perins & Entropia Chips

On the 12/24/2021 until the 12/26/2021, the Clockworks Butlers will appear throughout Madrigal (+ Ethral / Trigrem)
They will drop useful event items for you!

The Dove of Luck Anarchy Buff is active for you from the 12/24/2021 until the 12/26/2021!

Drop+1 effect except in dungeons that have an entry system.
Anyway, this effect also works in Cooldown Dungeons.

  • Daily from 10:00 AM until 02:00 PM - UTC+1
  • Daily from 06:00 PM until 10:00 PM - UTC+1

Only 10 characters per. IP can receive these Treasures every hour!
For every hour spent online, you will receive Christmas Treasures sent to your inventory.
These contain Event Item Pieces that can be exchanged for valuable items at the
Snowman "Mr. Frosty" in Flaris or Saint Morning

Collect items and complete the tasks from Santa to get useful items.
The required collection items can be obtained from various other Christmas events.

The Christmas Giggle boxes appear randomly everywhere in Madrigal (+ Ethral / Trigrem)!
Hunt these boxes and collect the Red Stockings from them!

The Red Stocking contains many useful items such as premium, power-ups, badges, models and much more.

The Gingerbread Mens are appearing all over Madrigal (+ Ethral / Trigrem)!
Hunt the Gingerbread Mens and collect the candy canes from them!
The candy canes can be exchanged with Santa for great items!

Santa is looking for his stolen Golden Apples!
All monsters can drop these Golden Apples!
There are also some of them randomly distributed on the floor Madrigals (+Ethral / Trigrem)!
Collect these apples and bring them to Santa along with the candy canes!

You can also start an Anarchy Buff for the community for 250 Golden Apples (CTRL + J).

This Buff gives you the following effect for one hour:
- EXP +30% -
- Boss Monster Damage Absorb +5% -
- PvE Damage +3% -

Every two hours there is a 30% chance that an Event Monster will randomly appear in Madrigal!
The one who finds it and defeats it will receive a random item such as:

  • Event Token
  • Augmentations
  • GM - Treasures
  • Premium (3 Days)

The Christmas Grinch appears daily at 07:30 PM - UTC+1 as a world boss!
You can get more Clockworks Runes, Kings Hearts, World Boss Boxes or an Advent Calendar Box!

Each player can attack this boss with a character / IP to get a reward.
It is not possible to get a reward with multiple characters if you use the same IP.

We will give out some promocodes for limited christmas items on our Discord server in the next days / at christmas.

So the best thing to do is to check out our Discord server:

You can activate the Christmas Madrigal Map in your ingame game options!
Once you have changed the map, you will need to teleport once to another world or log out and log in again once in the game for the change to be applied from your settings.

The Entropia Team wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Spend time with your loved ones!

Have Fun! <3


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