Patch-Notes: v8.3.0.3 (English)

General Changes:
Fixed a bug that some buffs from the Monster Clash, Secret Room, Guild Siege mode, did not expire in offline state.
*These will work as they should with the next participation.
• Fixed the bug that a character with certain sets becomes invisible when using a Monster Transy.
• The Black Royal Guild Furniture from the Guild Siege Exchanger now lasts 30 days and costs 2,000 Guild Siege Coins as a total package.
*The 14 day version, which was previously activated, will not be subsequently increased by us.
• The ranking window in the PvP Arena has been disabled.
• Targeting enemies with the "Tab" key works again in the PvP Arena.
• Fixed the bug where the "Dark Illusion" potion on the floor of Venux was no longer working.
• The "Pumpkin Spirit" Anarchy Buff now only costs 200 Entropia Pumpkins instead of 500.
• Several client optimizations have been made.
• Security fixes.
• Client crash fixes.

Guild Siege:
• -5% PvP 1on1 Damage on the Black Shiny set.
*For every 1on1 class which had exactly "+5%" earlier on the set.

Battleground Guild Siege:
Force Master:
• +10% MP on the Asal Key

• Allowed the Force Master to press the Asal skill while in the air.
*If the character then lands on the ground next to the targeted player, the skill will be executed directly as soon as the opponent is in range.

Unfortunately, this is actually a bug in the game, which we have fixed with other optimizations and fixes to the game. Unfortunately, we can't recreate this exactly, so it doesn't always work. With some PvP players, however, it was agreed to try it out first so.

If this does not please everyone, this change will be reset as soon as possible. We will not continue to experiment with it, because otherwise we would have done so already. In order to simulate this actually desired "game error" some hours were already invested. We can already tell you that this can not be recreated as some had it in memory.

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