Patch-Notes: v8.3.0.2 (English)

General changes:
• The Secret Room, Guild Siege and Monster Clash buffs now run even when your characters are offline.
*If you have a previously existing buff active, it will run as usual until you get the new one.
• The effects of the Secret Room, Guild Siege and Monster Clash buffs have been changed.
*The exact effects can be found in the Teleport Drop Info.
• Guild Siege Exchange NPC prices have been adjusted and lowered.
*Some "Popular" items from this NPC have retained their price.
• Some additional items have been added to the Guild Siege Exchange NPC.
• The Guild Siege Exchange-NPC now offers new guild furniture, which is the best in the game. (Except walls & floors)
• 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Normal Guild Siege, now also receive a small amount of Red Diamonds as a reward.
• Rumble Badges can no longer be exchanged for Guild Siege Coins.
• You can get buff boxes for the Normal Guild Siege from the Rumble NPC.
• The PvP Rumble can only be started daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm - UTC+2.
• The Loser & Winner Treasures in the Secret Room & Monster Clash have been revised.

*The Chance has been completely revised and Black/Soulreaver Items can be received rarely.
*You can search for these boxes in the in-game Item Wiki and CTRL + right click to view their contents.
• The Ultimate Glyph can now be pulled from the Joker Boxes with a little luck.
• The Glow effect from the two Saphira Pets has been completely removed because it can cause crash / performance errors.
• The Knockback skill has been removed from the Golem Temple end boss.
• The beginner world boss monsters have been added back.

*You can find the exact times in the teleport information.
• The night mode (ingame time) is permanently active until the 05.11.2021.
• The game resolution: 5120x1440 was added.

*This can only be set in the ingame options.
*The game must be restarted afterwards.
• Several client optimizations have been made.
• Security fixes.
• Client crash fixes.

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