Discord Nitro Boost + Giveaway (English)

Double Boost our Discord server until the 19/09/2021 and receive the following rewards:
The rewards will be sent to all Nitro Boosters 1-2 days later.

:RedDiamond: 1.000 Red Diamonds
:PremiumStatus: Premium (7 Days)
:EntropiaCocktail: Entropia Cocktail - Buff (3 Days)
:DiscordNitro: Nitro Badge

In addition, there will be an additional Red Diamond & Custom Badge giveaway for Nitro Boosters!

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time05:59 AM
  • Guild Siege-
  • Battlegrounds-
  • CrownLemon
  • MvPTwiistar

Double Boost our Server with Discord Nitro
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