New Ultimate Treasures (English)

The Ultimate Entropia Darkness Treasures are now available in the Premium Shop!
Try your luck to get a  Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate) from this Treasure!

The Fairy has the following effects:
All Stats+115 | HP-Rate+20% | Attack+20%

The Fairy can also be obtained with some luck by simply playing!

From this Treasure you also have the chance to get Power-Ups, Ultimate Pieces or other useful items.

You can also get the Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate) directly from this Treasure or accumulate the Ultimate Pieces and purchase the Fairy from the [Entropia Chip Merchant] Wafor in Flaris for 75x Pieces (Gray).

• The Fairy of Darkness (Ultimate) will not be available in the next donate reward bar reset!
• It will also not be available in the Joker Box (Ultimate) for the time being.
• The next Ultimate Treasure will be released much later in the Future!

Good luck! :)

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