Patch-Notes: v8.2.1.4 (English)

• Client optimizations
• In the Battleground Guild Siege Mode, only two job classes can be selected from each guild.
*As soon as a class is no longer available, it will be grayed out.
*It was paid attention to the fact that a multiple selection is not possible, by a simultaneous press on a job class.
*It can still happen that there are errors, because we could not use many characters for testing. These errors will be fixed by us as soon as possible, if there are any.
*The class limit can be changed by us live.
• The Happy Money and Roulette Coins (Event Item) have been added to the Instant Loot feature.
• Unfortunately there was a bug with the Valesia Event Monster, this has been fixed and the chance of a spawn has been increased for the rest of the event runtime.
• With the command /ToggleFtool you will now get an ingame system notification if the tool is activated or stopped.
• The HP bar of an fairy is automatically no longer displayed if you use a fairy foodbag.
• The Costume Combine window will no longer close on failure.
*In addition, you can activate the Protect Scroll from the inventory with the window open.
• The Secret Room has been opened.
*Start times are noted in the teleport description.
• The Monster Clash has been opened.
*Start times are noted in the teleport description.
• For the Monster Clash and Secret Room, the balance may need to be adjusted, but we would like to do the first runs with the current monster and character stats of you.

Other suggestions, adjustments and important fixes for which we have not had so much time, will be carried out in the coming week.

Balance (PvP):

• The projectile from the skill "Mad Hurricane" has been accelerated.
• The range of the skill "Mad Hurricane" has been increased.
• The cooldown of the skill "Back Step" has been reduced.
*10 seconds to 3 seconds.

• The range of the skill "Thunderbolts" has been reduced in PvP.

• Further PvP changes may still follow with live changes.

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