Patch-Notes: v8.2.1.3 (English)

• Client optimizations
• The PvE Damage records have been reset.
• A fix for the stun bug in the v15 Movement has been applied.
*We will have to wait for 1-2 more Guild Sieges to make sure it is completely fixed. In the v19 Movement (PvE) this bug does not exist here.
• The bug in the party finder, that after 10-12 parties no more are shown, has been fixed.
*Please note that only advanced parties of level 40+ are listed in the party finder.
• The 1600x900 resolution has been added to the game.
*For now, this can only be selected in the in-game options.
• The client block for Windows Server has been removed.
• The /CounterStart window no longer closes when pressing the "ESC" key.
• Non-active guild buffs are dimmed in the guild window.
• The Anarchy donor buff is also given to the character when activating Anarchy buffs from the inventory.
• The highlight color in the awake window has been changed (yellow/orange to red).
• On the Guild Siege  Map, the small Say and Mailbox icons are no longer displayed on the right.
• The Blood Orb requirement for a Black Armor Merges has been lowered from 8000 to 7000.
• The Alchemy Level requirement for Black Equipment and Black Weapon Reroll recipes has been lowered to 10 for Set Rerolls and 15 for Weapon Rerolls.
• The default Private Message window is now additionally displayed in the bottom right corner of the game.
• Fixed a few crash bugs in the Pokemon (Kanto) dungeon.
• An in-game F-Tool has been added to the game, which can be accessed under Start -> Features.
*The F-Tool saves the settings for each character in the database.
*You can also start the Ftool with the chat command /StartFtool and stop it with /StopFtool.
*Please note that AFK farming is not allowed because of this system.
*If someone is caught AFK farming, it can lead to a permanent exclusion from the game.

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
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  • Server Time01:17 PM
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  • Battlegrounds-
  • CrownLemon
  • MvPTwiistar

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