Patch-Notes: v8.2.1.1 (English)

• For the time being, the exchangers in Sanpres and Herneos no longer offer shiny parts
• In Aurania, the drop rate has been reduced from x3 to x2
• A Soulreaver Equipment Merge now requires Black Merges instead of Special Black Merges. In exchange the amount of required Clockworks Runes were increased by 15.
• The costs for the Soulreaver Equipment upgrade have been reduced by approx. -20-30%.
• The costs for the Soulreaver Weapon upgrade have been reduced by approx. -50%.
• The Drop +1 Map Buff has been temporarily removed from the Soulreaver dungeons
• In the Ethral and Trigrem zones you only get 3 chips instead of 9
• The general PvE damage of all classes has been reduced
• The Monster Clash Treasure (Winner) contains only 150 Perin instead of 250 Perin and only 250 Perin instead of 500 Perin
• The Monster Clash Treasure (Top 2 & 3) contains only 50 Perin instead of 100 Perin, only 100 Perin instead of 250 Perin and only 150 Perin instead of 500 Perin
• The level of the world bosses has been reduced from level 188 to 175
• The HP of the world bosses have been greatly reduced
- These will be increased steadily over the course of the first few weeks.
• The World Boss Boxes now contain the Scroll of Party 40 instead of Online Vendor Time
• The beginner world bosses have been deactivated for the time being
• The world bosses Entropia King & Clockworks only drop 3 instead of 4 or 5 items
• The modes Secret Room & Monster Clash are deactivated for the time being
• All ultimate items except for the cloak and mask have been removed from the joker boxes
• In the Heaven and Golem Dungeon the drop buff has been reduced from +2 to +1 in normal mode and from +3 to +2 in heroic mode
• A new PvP effect for the scaling of STA was added as a map buff (this enables live updates of the PvP balance)
• A new Scroll of Party UP and Party X have been introduced
• A new Scroll of Guild X has been introduced
• You can now hide other players buffs in the party window
• The Daily Rewards have been adjusted
• The battleground starts 4 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
• The other PvP modes are deactivated for the time being, as the balancing the low level EQ is not tested
• The stun bug has been fixed
• Active power-ups are now highlighted in the inventory
• The Normal Guild Siege has been temporarily deactivated for a few weeks.
• Only the Battleground Guild Siege will take place where you will be provided with the equipment from the server.
• Other crash and security fixes
• Client optimizations

• The general penya rate has been reduced by 50%
• The prices of various NPCs have been adjusted
• The cost of awakes has been changed: Before:
- Without Premium 3.5m / With Premium 3m
- After: Without Premium 2.5m / With Premium 2m
• The general upgrade rate (+0 - +20) has been increased
• Vote Quest 1 now gives 100 perin instead of 200 perin
• Vote Quest 2 now gives 20 Entropia Chip Perin instead of 25 Entropia Chip Perin
• The Potion of the Ancestors (Power-Up + Balloon) have been reduced from 500 perin to 250 perin
• The Potion of Ultimate (Power-Up + Balloon) has been reduced from 5000 perin to 3500 perin
• The prices of the platinum level scrolls have been halved
• The shop map has been moved back to Saint Morning
• Magic Grindstones (2-H Fusion) have been reduced from 35,000 Entropia Chips to 20,000 Entropia Chips
• In the Vote Shop, the number of Vote Treasures has been reduced from 10 to 5 (= 5 Treasures for 2,000 VPs) If we missed something in the logs, we will inform you about the missed changes afterwards.

In addition, we released a gear progression guide in our wiki!

Entropia Wiki: Click Here!

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