Patch-Notes: v8.2.1.0 (English)

• The guild level has been increased to level 100.
• New guild buffs have been added to the game.
• The guild window now shows you how much guild XP you need to level up.
*Hold your mouse over the guild level in the guild window (G).
• You can now use 511 characters in your guild notice.
• The Guildfinder (CTRL+G) has been visually changed and now has more information.
• The second party window, which lists all party members, has been visually changed and now has more information.
• A new party skill "Party Power" has been added to the game, which increases the damage per party member near you by +1%
• The party finder (L) has been changed visually and now has more information.
• Fixed a bug where server side event Anarchy Buffs were not automatically restarted.
• A button for the automatic card upgrade was added.
• The Daily Roulette System has been visually changed.
• The Dungeon Timerun / Reward / Kill display has been visually changed.
• The player ignore/block function has been reworked and now works without errors.
• In the messenger under the "E" key you will now find a party category which also lists all players.
• The Achievement System has been optimised.
• You will now be teleported to the correct position if you want to go to the Secret Room Administrator.
• The Clockworks Room has been reworked.
• Client optimisations.
• Security fixes.

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time02:01 PM
  • Guild Siege-
  • Battlegrounds-
  • CrownLemon
  • MvPTwiistar

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