Patch-Notes: v8.2.0.0 - Deep Temple (English)

With this update we bring you some new content for Entropia as well as some implementations of community suggestions and general game improvements!

Finally the time has come! The researchers who investigated the Deep Temple are now contacting the residents of Madrigal for their help!
It is now certain that terrible monsters are waiting for you inside the Deep Temple!
The monsters inside the dungeon drain the energy of their opponents in order to strengthen their magical powers and defeat every enemy that approaches them.
It is not certain whether the monsters will get into the outside world and have evil intentions against the world of Madrigal.
Do not hesitate and defeat evil in the Deep Temple before we have no option left in the future but defeat!!

Deep Temple:
• This dungeon is aimed at players who have good equipment in the "Black Shiny" or "Soulreaver" area.
• This dungeon is designed as a group dungeon.
• New mechanics await you in this dungeon.
• Outside the dungeon is the NPC "Xynthia", which is in need of material from the inside of the dungeon.
• Xynthia obtains various old recipes for making Soulreaver jewelry.

Soulreaver jewelry:
• A new range of jewelry sets awaits you!
• This jewelry set requires material from the Deep Temple as well as Aura jewelry parts that have already been made.
• You can upgrade and improve the new Soulreaver jewelry via the Soulreaver Upgrade window.
* The set effects are generally better than an Aura jewelry set at +20
• The materials for upgrading the Soulreaver jewelry can be found inside the Deep Temple.
• The Soulreaver jewelry sets also have the special feature that they can have two awakenings per piece of jewelry instead of one.
* Only one Scroll of Accessorie Awakening needs to be used to get two random awakenings on a piece of jewelry.
* You can get these from various in-game activities as well as from the Deep Temple Dungeon or simply via our Vote Shop.
* Please note that two awakenings are only possible on "Soulreaver" jewelry!!

Equipment Switch - Version 2:
• The equipment switch system is now working without any issues.
• You can now save 10 sets at once.
• The bug that identical weapons or jewelry parts do not change properly has also been fixed.

• In the login window you can move the saved "Quick Access" accounts up or down.
* To do this, select the account once and use the new buttons (arrow up, arrow down).
• Items from active vendor shops can be pulled out using the "Change" function. The item will be placed in your inventory.
* If your inventory is full, the extracted item will be placed in your shop bank.
* If the shop bank is also full, the item ends up in your post.
• An information text has been added if someone wants to teleport with an open shop window.
• An information text appears when a boss monster reappears through the "Boss Respawn Chance" event.
• An information text has been added to the Spirit Dice System, which shows you the status value added to your character.
• Only a guild master can disband the guild.
* Kingpings with maximum rights can no longer do this.
• The bug that Kingpings can no longer leave their guild with full rights has been fixed.
• The Guild War Map can be entered with the Topaz / Aura Topaz jewelry set.
* The jewelry set has no effects on this map and the values ??are crossed out.
• In the options you will find a setting to automatically utilize level 1 to 6 diamonds in Diamond Powder.
• A preview button in the utilization window has been added.
* This shows you which items you can get by using.
• In the Shop Search window you can search for the category "Buffs".
• A Scroll of Couple Time Reset has been added to the game.
* This will be offered for you promptly in the Vote Shop!
• The "Whisper" button in the chat has been replaced with a "Say" button.
• If you click on "Say" in the chat, a / say is automatically set instead of a / w.
• When using the Infinity Reset Scroll, a confirmation window now appears.
• A new effect has been added to increase the EXP rate after P51 + for activities.
* This will be used in the future.
• The Daily Challenge now gives an additional + 5% EXP from platinum level 50.
• Aurania chips are automatically converted into an Aurania Chip Perin from 1000 chips.
• If you receive mail in the game, you will receive a message icon on the right of the window, which is highlighted with a moving arrow.
* The old white box at the bottom right has been removed.
*Also, the entire history will be displayed there in case you have missed a message.
*The history is no longer displayed when you log out and log in again.
• When you receive mail, you can quickly access the mail using an icon that is displayed on the right in your game.
• The one-hit effect is now working properly (Infinity Grid, Special Anarchy Buff Events).
• The Secret Room and the Monster Clash have been added to the dungeon ranking (in-game).
* These will not give you any further rewards.
• The chair in the guild house can only be placed once.
• The Hernesum, Royalum, Entanemuss weapons have been removed from the early game dungeons.
• The rate of higher status values ??for the "Aquamarine (Gauntlets)" gemstones has been increased.
• Only 15 monsters have to be defeated per quest in Aurania.
• The respawn cooldown of the Aurania Boss monsters has been reduced to 45 minutes.
• The "Scroll of Platinum 40 Experience Ultra (40%)" can be purchased from the Entropia Chip-NPC for 10,000 Entropia Chips.
• The "Scroll of Shining" is also available at the Entropia Chip NPC.
• A scroll to completely remove awakenings from an item has been added to [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris.
• Further awakening achievements were added at the request of the community.
• The 7-day Oasis Ticket will soon be available in the Vote Shop.
* Before, there was only a 1-day ticket.
• The drop rate of level 10, 11, and 12 diamonds has been increased slightly.
• The drop rate of the "Reroll-Pieces" have been increased slightly.
• The number of kills required for Daily Challenges has been reduced.
• A Riot+ (1 hour) and an "Anarchy Buff: Activity EXP" have been added to the Lucky Box of Anarchy Buffs.
* The Lucky Box of Anarchy Buffs is now also available for an Eventtoken at the Event Token Dealer!
• The content of the "GM - Treasures", which can be obtained from GM events, has been changed.
* You can search for this "Treasure" in our in-game item wiki and view the content with CTRL + right click.
* Among them are also 6 new fashion set models, which are only available from this box!
• A balloon of the ancients has been added to the game.
* This requires an expensive recipe from the Alchemy NPC as well as quest items from the Bahara Desert.
• A potion with which you can restore your active balloon of the ancients or Ultimate Spirit Balloon to your inventory has been added to Laura at [Cash Shop].
• UProtects, Ultra Ori's and Moonstones can be dropped by monsters in the oasis with a small chance.
• UProtects are available at the Sanpress/Herneos Exchange-NPC for 250 coins per piece.
• The HP rate of the Anubis Boss Monster in the oasis has been reduced.
• The monsters in Monster Clash all have the element earth.
• You now receive additional Entropia Chip Perins for each platinum level after platinum 50+.
• The stack limit of the Dungeon TimeRun-Treasures "has been increased from 99x to 9999x.
• The Scroll of Party Level 40 now gives you an additional 4000 party points.
• The Scroll of Party Level 40 is also available in the Dungeon Timerun Treasures.
• The "Venux Charm" is also available in the Dungeon TimeRun-Treasures.
• The prices of the Kebaria Power-Ups have been reduced.
• Countless new fashion sets and animated bags have been added to the game, which will be available at a later date.
* The new animated bags are also available in the "Lucky Box of Animated Bags".
• Normal monsters can also drop "Mystical Card Piece Boxes" on the Rhisis Trail.
• In the Golem Temple, the final boss is properly taken into account by the server and can reappear at a boss respawn event.
• The Shiny Entropia Treasure can be stacked up to 9999x
• The respawn time of the "Mini Mushu" in Eden has been reduced enormously.
• The speed of the monsters in the Premium Dungeon has been increased.
• The "Crafted EXP Flasks" are now tradable.
• Security fixes.
• Client optimizations & crash fixes.
• The Easter event has started and will run until April 14th, 2021
* Further information will be announced on our homepage and Discord server during the day.
• The Kanto (Pokemon Map) has been deactivated until the 14.04.2021 and will be available again afterwards.
• The Slayer "PvP (1on1)" map buff has been reduced by a further -5% in the PvP areas.
• The classes "Seraph, Crackshooter, Templar & Slayer" have received + 5% PvP (1on1) damage on the "Black Shiny" equipment.
• Two new beads have been added for your pick-up pet.
* You can get these beads by participating in the Battleground Guild War.
* The top 3 players get the following effects on their bead: Penya Rate + 10%, PvE Damage + 3%
* The remaining players who have achieved more than 10 points +: Penya Rate + 5%, PvE Damage + 2%
* You can get these beads through every Battleground Guild War.
* The beads last for 3 days.
* In addition, there is another additional participant & Top 3 Treasure, which can contain valuable items.
•  The Rock-Paper-Scissors coupons have been reseted due to a large amount ingame.
*New coupons are needed for this event, which must be farmed.
*You will find a detailed list of items in time in a single event news.
•  Smaller hotfixes or adjustments can come in the coming days.

Hotfixes - 04/04/2021:
•  The number of Perins and ECP's from the Deep Temple Bonus Treasure have been lowered to 1.
•  Fixed a bug with the activity EXP (P51+) and it now gives the correct amount to your character.
•  Fixed a bug with the conversion of Aurania Chips to Aurania Chip Perins.
•  Removed a quest item from the Ancestor Balloon recipe and increased the requirement of the remaining quest items by +1000 each.
•  All Aurania Kill quests now only require 15 monster kills.
•  The Old "SSS Coupons" from the Egg Baskets have been changed with the new ones.
•  The Attack Range of the Deep Temple Boss Monsters has been adjusted.
*More adjustments will take some time and will be implemented during the next week.
•  The skill "Rooting" in the PvP areas has received a cooldown of 4 seconds.

Hotfixes - 13/04/2021:
• The damage of the Spirit Bomb and Astral Moon skill was adjusted in the Secret Room and Monster Clash.
*In the Secret Room, those skills has been slightly reduced because there caused more damage due to a bug.
*In the Monster Clash both skills got increased from 30% to 80%.
*This change was already made last Saturday!
• The equipment switch system in the Battleground Mode, works without problems now.
• All instances are now sorted alphabetically in the Dungeon Ranking System.
• Some client fixes have been applied.
• Security fixes.

Hotfixes / Changes - 15/04/2021:
• Further adjustments were made to the client to avoid crashes.
• Fixed the bug that equipped Jewellery was used at Exchange NPCs.
*The jewellery parts have to be taken off beforehand in order to exchang them.
• Fixed a bug with the jewellery sets in PvP mode that caused HP to stack.
*This was due to the deactivated jewellery effects on the PvP maps.
• Blessed Keys now receive two Awakening lines when awakened with the Scroll of Accessorie Awakening.
• There was a bug in the Battleground mode that made it possible to transfer buffs from other classes to your normal character class, which has now been fixed.
• Fixed some Switch Bugs in the Battleground Mode.
• The "Balloon of the Ancestors Box" is now available in the "Expedition Treasure (Weekly)".
• Saving the Auto. Recycling function will be added during the course of the day during live operation.
• Dungeon coins are automatically converted into runes as soon as you have more than 100 coins in your inventory.
• The Damage from the Golem Temple End Boss has been reduced by -50% in the Normal Mode.
• The Damage from the Water Crystal in the Golem Temple has been reduced by -20%.
• Only 7x Reroll Pieces are required instead of 10x in the "Recipe: Scroll of Boni Stat-Reroll (Equipment)".
• The record book has been completely reset!
• Some client fixes have been applied.
• Security fixes.

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