Special Sale (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
we have some Special Item offers for you in our Ingame Premium Shop until the 26.03.2021 - 11:59 PM UTC+1!

You can reach our Premium Shop Ingame:
Start -> Premium Items -> Entropia Shop

The following Items will be offered!
:FashionTreasure: The Ultimate Entropia Fashion Treasures are available for the First Time!
*You can obtain a :UltimateFashionBundle: Ultimate Entropia Fashion Bundle
*The Fashion Bundle Includes 4x Ultimate Core and 4x Scroll of Fashion Mege (Ultimate) to create an Ultimate Set.
The Gaia Set is required to create the Ultimate Set!

:Set: 4 New and Limited Fashion Sets. (750 Red Diamonds)

:LoyaltyTreasure: Loyalty Treasure Chance to get an Entropia orShadow Entropia Golem
Entropia Golem: All Stats+35, PvE Damage+15%, Speed+15%
Shadow Entropia Golem: All Stats+50, PvE Damage+25%, Speed+25%
Such Pets are also available to be farmed Ingame with an sleeker look and the same effects!

:LuckyBoxOfAnimatedBags: Lucky Box of Animated Bags
*Receive a random Animated Bag (Cloak Slot)

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