Patch-Notes: v8.1.0.3 (English)

Patch-Notes: v8.1.0.3 (English)

- A 64bit mode has been added to the game.
*You can choose to play in 32bit or 64bit via the launcher in the Entropia folder.
*The 64bit version of Entropia has the advantages that we can use bigger memory types in the client, which fixes some bugs in the client.
- A new client is offered on our homepage.
*We also recommend you to download this client if you have problems starting the game with the older one or just want to have a fresh Entropia client.
- Changing enemies (tab key) in PvP mode has been adjusted.
*Now the enemies near your character will be targeted.
- The "ressbug" in the PvP has been fixed.
- The extra world boss monsters (Entropia King & Clockworks) no longer appear at 01:00 at night but between 01:00 AM and 11:00 PM.
- Fixed a bug where item rewards and buffs were not distributed correctly under certain conditions in the Secret Room.
- The stability of the minimap has been improved.
*Performance / Crash Fixes
- Killed monsters now disappear on the minimap.
- The minimap title no longer changes automatically.
- The "Power-Up" section in the inventory has been renamed to "Buffs".
- Gamemasters cannot view other players' equipment in-game.
- The monster clash preview in the teleporter is now displayed again.
- The monsters' HP level now drops more smoothly when damage is added to the monsters.
- Players with an Active Premium status will also see the HP of the monsters with percentages.
- Security, bug fixes and crash fixes.

Patch-Notes: v8.1.0.3 (English) - Hotfixes
• The dungeon ranking now works as usual again.
• The Normal / Heroic Mode dungeons are working properly again.
• Adjustments to the tab target system in the PvP Areas have been made.
• Some client crash bugs have been fixed.

This patch had a bit more focus on client stability.
In the coming days and weeks, we will focus more on the class balance and user suggestions.
Many of the suggestions written in the last weeks, are already on our list.

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