Special Sale (English) #Finished

:shopping_bags: New Special Sale :shopping_bags:
Valid until the 15/01/2021 - 11:59 PM - UTC+1!

Hello dear Entropia Community, we would like to inform you that new Special Sale offers are available for you in the Premium Shop!

You can reach the Premium Shop in the game with:
Start -> Premium Items -> Entropia Shop

The following items are available:
:MysticTreasure: Ultimate Entropia Mystic Treasure
*Chance to receive an Ultimate Glyph, Ultimate Pieces or other items.

:StellarPetTreasure: Stellar Pet Treasures
*Limited small and cute pet models!

:LuckyBoxOfAnimatedBags: Lucky Box of Animated Bags
*Receive a random Animated Bag (Cloak Slot)

:AnarchyBuffLuckyBox: Anarchy Buff Lucky Box
*Receive a Special Donate Anarchy Buff!
*There is a chance to draw an Infinity Power Anarchy buff!
*The buffs work for each player when activated.

:LuckyCardTreasure: Lucky Card Treasure
*Receive 1 to 3 random (S) or (10%) socket cards!
*With a little luck you can also get a (R) or (12%) socket card!

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Limited Items Rotation :hourglass_flowing_sand:
The limited item offers are back! Every two days new limited item models will be offered for you in the Premium Shop!

Useful Pages:
• Donate Site: https://bit.ly/EntropiaDonate
PayPal | Sofort / Klarna | Kreditkarte | Giropay | Paysafecard | Crypto

• Donate Rewards: http://bit.ly/EntropiaDonateRewards
Fill your reward points with each donation and receive additional items for FREE!

• Donator of the Month - Ranking: http://bit.ly/DonOfTheMonth
The player who donated the most to the server in this month will receive unique rewards!

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