New Year Event (English)

A special year is approaching its end!

We will all think back on this year for a long time with its difficult and challenging events.
Nevertheless, this year also had its positive sides for some people.

For the coming year, we have started a few more events for our Entropia community, which are active until January 2, 2021 - 11:59 PM - UTC+1!
We wish all players a lot of fun farming!

We say thank you for another year together and we wish you a happy new and hopefully better year 2021!

You can drop a "New Year Treasure - 2021" from all monsters, which contains useful
power-ups, emblems, premium, perins, chips or fireworks to celebrate the new year 2021 together with the community!

The Burrs appear everywhere in Madrigal! ( + Ethral & Trigrem )
Find and defeat them to get a Star Box!

From the Star Boxes you can get Augmentations, Premium, Badges, Perin or Event Power-Ups!

Receive double the amount of coins for completing quests in Kebaria & Aurania!

Experience our Roulette system together with the community!

Collect Roulette Coins, which you can drop from level 170+ monsters
and play with them at the Roulette-NPC in Flaris to get Roulette Tokens,
which you can exchange for valuable items.

From the Casino Box you can get a Black Casino Set (M/F) with a lot of luck,
which has slightly better values than a Gaia Fashion Set.
New Anarchy Buffs or Badges can also be obtained from the Casino Box.

Black Casino Set (M / F) - Event Exclusive
*Can rarely be pulled out of the Casino Box!
*They are a little better then the newest Gaia Fashion Set but they can't be upgraded to Ultimate Fashion Sets

In the roulette system you select the balls on which you want to place a bid.
If you are correct and your ball is drawn, you will receive double the amount of "Roulette Tokens",
which you can exchange for certain items!

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