Patch-Notes: v8.1.0.2 (English)

In this patch we have made a few improvements, fixes and added a few systems as well as many
optimizations on our dedicated server / structure so that future patches can be done faster.

The Guardian "Athena" from the Kingdom in the Heaven of Madrigal has provided the researchers from Flaris with a magic device to detect anomalies.
Through this device, researchers were able to locate a temple in Darkon 3 that had been kept hidden for thousands of years by an invisibility spell.
After the researchers took a quick look inside the temple, a loud roar was heard coming from inside the temple.

The researchers have decided that they will first examine the entrance to the temple to find clues as to what it was intended for and why it was enchanted so that no one would find it.

The Researches in the temple may be delayed until January.
Brave warriors are already preparing to investigate the temple itself.


  • The Christmas Event 2020 has been started!
    *More information will follow in a single news on our homepage.
  • The Login Area has a new winter design.
  • Characters who attack with melee attacks now always get 100% more Penya.
  • Characters who attack with melee attacks now always receive 30% more Infinity Points.
    *The above two points do not count for Skills!
    *This change is intended to make the farming of currency and Infinity Points fair for all classes.
  • An animated drop log has been added to the left side of the Game so that you can better see what you have picked up.
    *The bonus of items with bonus values is also directly displayed there.
    *You can disable it in the options under "Game Settings" with "Hide Drop Log".
  • All Secret Room participants will receive their participant buffs and items only if at least. 75 monsters have been killed and the Secret Room has been completed.
  • Some Automated Event Systems have been added to the game.
    *Monster Hunt, Shout Event etc; 
  • A new world boss system has been added.
    *This has no optical or functional innovations, but it runs bug-free.
  • Monsters can now be set above the 2.1 billion HP limit.
  • All world boss monsters now have a double HP value.
  • Fixed a bug with the Ultimate Spirit Balloon.
  • A Shout Buff has been added to the game.
    *This buff is active as an event and will be deactivated at a later time.
    *You will receive small effects for your character if you actively participate in the Ingame Shout.
    *Please renounce from spamming with nonsensical messages.
  • The teleport system will now take you directly to the Great Venux Tree.
  • The monster HP values with an active premium status are now separated with points. (e.g.
  • Client performance in some dungeons has been improved. (e.g. Heaven of Madrigal)
    *A few dungeons will also be revised by the "performance" in the future. (Golem Temple, Crystal)
  • Fixed a bug with the Equipment Switch.
    *However, the saved names had to be reset by us once here.
  • Several new models have been added to the game, which will be available at a later date.
  • Client stability has been improved in general.
  • Text corrections and bug fixes.
  • Security & bug fixes.

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time06:27 AM
  • Guild Siege-
  • Battlegrounds-
  • CrownLemon
  • MvPrmoveD

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