Patch-Notes: v8.1.0.1 (English)

• Fixed a bug where boss monsters would occasionally change their target.
• The Halloween Dungeon was removed.
• The ingame time is now no longer permanently set to 0 AM (Halloween)
• Guild Siege Tokens (Special) can be exchanged for normal tokens at the Guild Siege Manager.
• The event token power-up now lasts 3 days
• The Magma Cave timerun time has been swapped with that of the Aurania Temple (Normal Mode)
• You will now receive 10 Lucky Vote Boxes instead of 5 from the Vote Shop.
• The upgrade chance from +0 to +10 has been increased slightly.
• The registration costs in the Monster Clash have been reduced to 300 Perin.
• The monsters in the Monster Clash now have -20% less magic resistance
• Optimizations on the Worldboss System.
• The Ultimate Pieces rate has been increased in all Entropia Treasures.
*Everyone who opened Mystic Treasures before Saturday (21.11 - 06:00 AM) will receive a small amount of pieces from us. The number of pieces depends on how many Mystic Treasures have been opened and probably only concerns people who have opened several hundred.
• The Spirit Bomb Damage +45% effect was added to the Soulreaver Mentalist set.
• The Cosmic Element Damage +35% effect was added to the Soulreaver Arcanist set
• Security & Bugfixes
• Client optimizations.

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