Patch-Notes: v8.1.0.0 (English)

With this patch also many client optimizations and smaller features were added.

9 shaders were added for the game. You can use several together.
The team likes to use the following shaders together:
Colorful, HDR Fake, Curve, Outline (Beta) and Sharpness.

The Outline Shader is still in a beta phase, because a few custom models, which were made wrong and
have a different "format" and the Outlining goes fully over this wrong made model.
On the most Models it works perfect.

If you see certain models where this occurs, tell us the name of the model in our discord!

You can now level endlessly above Platinum 50!
You will receive the EXP from Daily Activities such as Daily Quests, Dungeon Runs, Guild Siege,
Secret Room, World Boss Monster.

Per. Week you can do about 2 to 6+ Platinum levels, depending on the activity.

A new Platinum Scroll is available at the Platinum Level Manager in Flaris for 350 Perin.

You will receive one Platinum Reward Box (50+) per. Platinum Level above 50.
From this box you can get new badges for your character, Entropia Treasures, Premium
or Perins and Chip Perins.

*Note that you can get any kind of Entropia Treasure.
*In the Premium Shop only the Entropia and Darkness Treasure will be offered for a longer time.
*The remaining treasures that are currently available will be offered in the store in the far future.

In the future we will add more dungeons and new level areas.

The content of the "Platinum Reward Box (50+)" will be sometimes revised in the future
and filled with more items! :)

The teleporter was changed and offers you the possibility to put your port points into the taskbar of the game.

The Monster Clash has been added and takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 07:00 PM - UTC+1!
The Monster Clash is a tournament, which was called to life by the inhabitants of Madrigal to
to find the strongest heroes of Madrigal!

In the Clash, you will compete against a horde of strong monsters.
At the same time, other guilds in other rooms are competing against the same monsters.

The fastest group wins great prizes.
The losers of course get a small consolation prize.

You may need some more training to successfully participate in the Monster Clash, because the monsters are very strong.

The Monster Clash is announced by the server on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 07:00 PM - UTC+1.
Afterwards you have 10 minutes to register your guild and line up the members.

You have to survive all rounds and prove yourself against other guilds (Similar to the Secret Room)
The fastest guild gets a special chest and a winner buff for all participants.
The losers also get a chest (the Monster Clash must be played to the end)

From 150 monster kills on, each participant receives a special buff independently
whether you win or lose.

A further description and the effects of the items can be found in the game at our teleporter.
*Button "V"

You can search for the monster Clash Treasure in the item wiki (CTRL+Z) and check the contents of the box
view with CTRL + right click.

Permanently receives double the amount of Kebaria / Aurania coins for completing quests in Kebaria / Aurania
*Additionally you will receive EXP for your character when completing quests.
*The Aurania chip drop was also increased by x3.

At the Aurania Temple Dungeon you will also receive double the amount of Black Weapon material!

Ethral & Trigrem were activated.
Here you can farm Soulreaver weapons & equipment, collect upgrade material and upgrade everything.

With this patch the monsters there now drop 6 coins and quest items permanently.

The Ethral Garden & Trigrem Ruins Dungeon were added.
Here you can farm Soulreaver materials to make a Soulreaver weapon
and Drop Soulreaver Equipment Parts.

The droprate in these dungeons has been increased with this patch.
*A drop+1 buff is active in these dungeons as a map buff.

In the Ethral / Trigrem content, you can farm the Soulreaver Equipments / Weapons, as already mentioned,
which are a stronger version of the Black Shiny equipment.

You need the previous "Black Shiny" items to create Soulreaver items.

The Soulreaver Items can be upgraded with material that you find in Ethral / Trigrem + Dungeons
via the Soulreaver Upgrade window.
By upgrading your weapons & set effects will increase.

The Gaia Dungeon was added.
Here you can find materials for the crafting of Gaia Fashion Sets,
which are better than the Black Dragon sets.

The Gaia Fashion Sets are a very strong equipment, which are better than the Black Dragon Fashion Sets.
You can farm the materials to make the sets in the Gaia Dungeon.

*The set will be needed in the future to craft an Ultimate Fashion Set!
*The Ultimate Fashion recipe can already be farmed through Entropia Fashion Boxes.
*The Entropia Fashion Boxes will also be available in the Premium Shop in the distant future.

Aoife in Flaris will make you these sets if you bring the necessary materials.

The kingdom in the Heaven of Madrigal was conquered by a devilish creature called "Saphira"!
She is focused on the Infinity Stones of the Gods of Madrigal, which have given her indescribable powers.
She did everything he could do, to get them!

The Infinity Guardian "Athene" (Guardian of the Gods of Madrigal) 
was the only one who was able to save himself from the kingdom through a portal to the human world of Madrigal.

Help her re-conquer the kingdom conquered by Saphira in the Heaven of Madrigal and protect the Infinity Stones!
To help you, she will let you use the Infinity Stones with her Heavenly Magic!

Save the Kingdom in the Heaven from Madrigal...
Save Madrigal!

In the "Kingdom - Heaven of Madrigal" Dungeon, the Queen Saphira awaits you with her Holo Army and Attendants!
Help Athena to bring back the Kingdom of the Gods to her and to kill "Saphira" for Madrigal!

Her servants and projected holograms have unprecedented abilities and powerful spells!
Be sure to be well equipped with your companions to win the battle!

From the chests in the dungeon you can get Infinity Treasures with a 20 percent chance,
which can contain Infinity Stones!

Athena gives you the power of Infinity Stones to help you to reclaim the kingdom of Madrigal.
The Infinity Grid has been bound to your character by Athena and can only be used by her.

For the Infinity Grid, you will need to earn Infinity Points, which will be shown in the Infinity Grid or as a Buff in the Top right corner of your window.

You can get Infinity Points by completing Tasks such as:
- Killing Monsters -
- Killing Boss Monsters -
- Daily Quests in Kebaria/Aurania -
- Collect on the Collectorfield -
- Killing people in the Guild Siege/Rumble -
- Recycle Infinity Stones -

With the Infinity IP-Stone from the Vote Shop you get the double amount of Infinity Points for 1 hour!

The Infinity Points got a Weekly Farm Limit:
- You can collect up to 500.000 Infinity Points per Week -
*A scroll that gives you double Infinity Points for two hours is available in the Vote Shop!
*Events where you can receive additional Infinity Points, will follow in the future!

Infinity Grid - Explained:
The Infinity grid is about to get the best out of it over a longer period of time.
The Stones on the outside will give you 1 to 5 random status values depending on the stone.
The Insert/Removal costs are starting from 7.500 to 25.000 Infinity Points (Depending on the Stone)

The Middle Crystals are there for every character from the beginning and can be levelled up for infinity points.

Kristall Effekte

Crystal of Valor

  • Level 1: HP-Rate+2%
  • Level 2: HP-Rate+4%
  • Level 3: HP-Rate+7%
  • Level 4: HP-Rate+10%
  • Level 5: HP-Rate+15%, Monster Damage Absorb+3%
  • Level 6: HP-Rate+15%, Monster Damage Absorb+6%, Boss Damage Absorb+7%
  • Level 7: HP-Rate+20%, Monster Damage Absorb+10%, Boss Damage Absorb+12%
  • Level 8: HP-Rate+20%, Monster Damage Absorb+15%, Boss Damage Absorb+17%

Crystal of Luck
  • Level 1: Diamond Drop+1%, Collector Speed+1%
  • Level 2: Diamond Drop+2%, Collector Speed+3%
  • Level 3: Diamond Drop+3%, Collector Speed+5%
  • Level 4: Diamond Drop+4%, Collector Speed+7%
  • Level 5: Diamond Drop+5%, Collector Speed+10%, Awake Bonus+1%
  • Level 6: Diamond Drop+7%, Collector Speed+10%, Awake Bonus+3%
  • Level 7: Diamond Drop+10%, Collector Speed+15%, Awake Bonus+6%, Golden Feather +1
  • Level 8: Diamond Drop+15%, Collector Speed+25%, Awake Bonus+10%, Golden Feather +2

    - Awake Bonus: Höhere Chance auf höhere Stats im Awake Fenster.
    (Augmentation Scrolls besitzen weiterhin eine höhere Rate auf höhere Stats)
    - Golden Feather: Drop Effekt nur für Monster außerhalb und Cooldown Dungeons.
    (Keine Wirkung auf das Dropverhalten in Dungeons mit Entries!)

Crystal of Strength
  • Level 1: Penya Rate+1%, 
  • Level 2: Penya Rate+2%, 
  • Level 3: Penya Rate+3%, 
  • Level 4: Penya Rate+4%, 
  • Level 5: Penya Rate+5%, Chipdrop +25%, PvE Damage+2% 
  • Level 6: Penya Rate+6%, Chipdrop +50%, PvE Damage+4%, Double Damage PvE Chance+1%
  • Level 7: Penya Rate+7%, Chipdrop +100%, PvE Damage+6%, Double Damage PvE Chance+2%, PvE One-Hit+2%
  • Level 8: Penya Rate+10%, Chipdrop +200%, PvE Damage+9%, Double Damage PvE Chance+4%, PvE One-Hit Chance+4%

    The PvE One-Hit Chance effect only works on Normal Monsters (No Boss Monsters!)

Level-Upgrade Cost (Infinity Points):

  • Level 1: 50.000                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Level 2: 150.000                                                                                                                                                               
  • Level 3: 250.000                                                                                                                                                               
  • Level 4: 350.000                                                                                                                                                               
  • Level 5: 500.000                                                                                                                                                               
  • Level 6: 1.000.000                                                                                                                                                               
  • Level 7: 2.000.000                                                                                                                                                               
  • Level 8: 5.000.000                                                                                                                                                                                

The Infinity stones (outer rim) are available in different variations and can be dropped in the Kingdom - Heaven of Madrigal
Dungeon and from some older dungeons (lower chance).
*Check the Droplist from the Teleporter to know, where you can drop those stones!

Stone Effects: (You randomly get 1 to 5 effects when using)
*You can remove the stones again and try to get new values!

Example: If you Place the Madrigal Stone (Duplicate) in a slot of the Infinity Grid,
then you can get, for example:
3x STR+1 or 5x STR+1 or 2x INT+1 & 1x Speed+1% & DEX+2 !

Madrigal Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1

Reality Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • Magical Damage+75
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1
  • STR+2
  • STA+2
  • DEX+2
  • INT+2
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Space Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • INT+1
  • INT+2

Power Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • DEX+1
  • DEX+2

Soul Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STA+1
  • STA+2

Mind Stone (Duplicate)
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STR+1
  • STR+2

Time Stone (Duplicate)
  • HP-Heal after Kill +2500
  • EXP+1%
  • EXP P40+1%
  • Chipdrop+1%
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Collector Speed+1%
  • Diamond Drop+1%
  • Spell Vamp +0.35%

Madrigal Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • Magical Damage+75
  • Magical Damage+100
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1
  • STR+2
  • STA+2
  • DEX+2
  • INT+2

Reality Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+50
  • Magical Damage+75
  • STR+1
  • STA+1
  • DEX+1
  • INT+1
  • STR+2
  • STA+2
  • DEX+2
  • INT+2
  • STR+3 (Rare)
  • STA+3 (Rare)
  • DEX+3 (Rare)
  • INT+3 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Space Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • Magical Damage+75
  • Magical Damage+150 (Rare)
  • INT+1
  • INT+2
  • INT+3 (Rare)
  • INT+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)

Power Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • DEX+1
  • DEX+2
  • DEX+3 (Rare)
  • DEX+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Soul Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STA+1
  • STA+2
  • STA+3 (Rare)
  • STA+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • HP-Rate+1% (Rare)

Mind Stone
  • Speed+1%
  • Speed+2%
  • STR+1
  • STR+2
  • STR+3 (Rare)
  • STR+4 (Rare)
  • PvE Damage+1% (Rare)
  • Critical Damage+1% (Rare)

Time Stone
  • HP-Heal after Kill +2500
  • HP-Heal after Kill +15000
  • HP-Heal after Kill +25000
  • EXP+1%
  • EXP+2%
  • EXP P40+1%
  • EXP P40+2%
  • Chipdrop+1%
  • Chipdrop+2%
  • Chipdrop+3%
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+1% (Rare)
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+2% (Very Rare)
  • RM-AoE (Merkaba) Damage+3% (Very Rare)
  • Collector Speed+1%
  • Collector Speed+2%
  • Collector Speed+3%
  • Diamond Drop+1%
  • Diamond Drop+2%
  • Spell Vamp +0.50% / +0.75&                                                                                                                                                                             

The Celestial Armor & Weapons (Models) can be dropped in the Kingdom - Heaven of Madrigal Dungeon!

Through the power of the Infinity stones owned by Saphira, strange things have happened in the world of Madrigal.
In Khaldera, for example, strange ruins have appeared, which probably came to Madrigal through a portal from another dimension.
A ruin contains a strange entrance from which a dark aura can be felt, the first room resembles a temple.

Do you dare to enter with your companions and face the danger?

The monsters in the Golem Temple have strong magic attacks!
Be well equipped with some comrades!
Alone you won't survive it...

The monsters in the dungeon will drop the material Athena spoke of in Flaris.
Maybe you should stop by the blacksmiths in Flaris because they talked about a new art of blacksmithing,
which Athena taught them to prepare you to fight with Saphira.

The Dark Weapon's (Models) & the Dark Devils Cloak can be dropped in the Golem Temple Dungeon!

Athena taught the blacksmiths in Flaris a new forging technique.
This art allows the blacksmiths in Madrigal to upgrade your Fashion Equipment (CS) to +10 for you!

Upgrading requires special material from a different dimension. (Golem Temple)
*The material is also available in the Vote Shop and Guild Siege Manager.
*The Scroll of CProtect can also be purchased at [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris. (Instead of farming)

On Upgrade-Level +4, +6, +8, +10 you can unlock jewel slots for your fashion parts!
In these you can place stones, each of them will give you a random stat line.
With the Scroll of Gem Reversion you can remove the last used jewel and put a new jewel in your Fashion.

Lightning Stone (Fashion)
Rare stone which is obtainable from the Golem Temple or the Guild Siege. It can be used for Fashion upgrades between +1 and +10.

Scroll of CProtect (Fashion)
A scroll which prevents an item from breaking,if you try to upgrade it between +1 and +10.

Scroll of Gem Reversion
This item removes the last gem applied to the costume.

Garnet (Helmet)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (Lifesteal +1%, +2%)

Turquoise (Suit)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (PvE Damage +1%, +2%, +3%)

Aquamarine (Gauntlets)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (DEF +1%, +2%, +3%)

Amethyst (Boots)
You can use this Gem to obtain Random Stats on your Fashion Part. (STR, STA,DEX, INT +3, +4, +5, +7, +10) or very rare (HP +1%, HP+2%, PvP Damage+1% or Chip Drop+1 Chance +25%)

Athene the Guardian of the Kingdom of Madrigal has found new kinds of diamonds!
The Infinity Diamonds [Lvl.13]

To get the Infinity Diamonds, you must combine them with different diamonds at "[Infinity] Athene".

The following diamonds are needed to create the Infinity Diamonds:

5x [Lvl.9] Diamond

3x [Lvl.10] Diamond

2x [Lvl.11] Diamond

1x [Lvl.12] Diamond
= 1x Infinity Diamond [Lvl.13]

Also a new material has been added to restore diamonds from weapons!
You'll need the recycled "Magic Diamonds" from the Entropia Chip NPC.
These are available for 70.000 Entropia Chips.

Just add the "Magic Diamonds" instead of the "Red Stones" to the Diamond Removal window and select the diamond you want to restore!

New cards have been added to the game!
The "Z" and "15%" cards are waiting for you!

You can get the cards via the card upgrade system by trading 10x (R/12%) cards against one of the new "upgraded" cards.
The chance of an upgrade is reduced by half compared to an upgrade from S/10% to R/12% cards

Don't forget that you can restore cards from weapons and suits with a scroll from the Entropia Chip NPC!
Cards can also be added to a fusion later.

The option to select the card you want to remove has been intentionally left out of the new cards, as this will always require some currency to be spent.

We also added the R-Card Battery in the collector field for a high number of perins !
With this battery you can get more S/10% & R/12% card pieces, which can be exchanged for a full card.

Experience the famous Pokemon Map "Kanto" on our Server as a Singleplayer Dungeon!
The Dungeon will be available for you with this Patch Permanent!
There are many tasks waiting for you.

You can get a little further every day in the dungeon and get to the dungeon's endgame after 5 to 7 days!

Your goal is to collect many Rare Candies everyday and to exchange them for some New Pokemon Models.
There is also the chance to receive some valuable items very rarely, such as master balls or poke balls in the early and endgame!

Shorter Information:
- You need at least 7 days until the endgame("played through"). -
- If you reached the Endgame you can receive up to 320+ Rare Candies per day out of Quests. -
- From the Endgame onwards, you can receive up to 150+ Rare Candies daily from clickable items in the game. -

- If you experience to getting stuck somewhere on the big map,
you can teleport your character to the dungeon entrance (first city of the dungeon)
with the Motion Window Skill "Nearest Town Teleport" under the Hotkey "O".  -

Other changes and adjustments:

  • All beginners will receive "Beginner Coins" in the Beginner Box, with which you can use Donate Fashion Sets & Entropia weapons for a limited time, to make it easier for new players to get started.
    *The coins can be exchanged for Flaris at the Event Token-NPC.
  • The EXP & Penya rate has been set to the previous level (Highrate)
  • The Omega recipe (Ultimate Cloak & Mask upgrade) has been added to the Alchemy NPC
  • Ancestor recipes have been added to Alchemy NPC.
    *Production of ancestor power-ups & glyphs.
  • The collecting speed in the Collectorfield now has the normal state (Faster)
  • The Card Battery (R) can be drawn from the Loyalty Treasure.
  • The Card Battery (R) is available in the collector field for Perin.
  • Bonus Stat Reroll Scrolls were added to the game (equipment and weapons)
    *Available through recipes or the normal Kebaria / Aurania Exchanger.
  • All items (Fashion Models) were unlocked at the event Token-NPC.
  • Diamonds can no longer be destroyed during insertion without a protective scroll.
  • The Diamond Protect Scroll has been removed.
  • Restoring diamonds from weapons no longer has a Fail Chance.
  • The Card Piece Box now has an increased drop in the Rhisis Trail Dungeon
  • A new Ultimate Spirit Treasure was added to the game.
    *From this you can get an Ultimate Spirit (balloon).
    *This Treasure is only purely invented for a longer time at the moment.
    *The possibilities were mentioned at the beginning of these patchlogs.
  • Wild & Savage Wilds Exchange prices were reduced.
  • The Behemoth weapons are available in the Behemoth Exchanger.
  • Aminus & Vampire weapons have been removed from the drop.
    *Available at Flaris-NPC
  • The Shiny Entropia Treasure was added to the Les Britannia / Abyssal Cove Exchanger
  • Shiny Entropia Equipment Parts are available at the Abyssal Cove Exchanger
  • You now get more Shiny Entropia Treasures from the Les Britannia / Abyssal Cove Dungeon.
  • The beginner World Boss Monsters were added.
    *Beginners can get special items here and older players can hope for special models.
  • Ultra Upgrade material is available in the Les Britannia / Abyssal Cove Exchanger
  • The Bloody Weapons were removed from the Red Meteonyker.
  • The Battleground Winner Treasure was adapted.
  • The Battleground Participant Treasure was adapted.
  • Kalgas Set Parts now cost less at the Kalgas Exchanger.
  • Black Ingots were added to the Mars Mine Treasure.
  • The Guilds EXP requirement has been lowered.
  • Recipes can no longer turn to ashes.
  • The Black Dragon recipe requirement has been lowered.
  • The Venux Unicorn Exchange prices have been reduced.
  • The Venux Horse recipe requirements have been reduced.
  • The prices of Powerful Keys in Venux have been reduced.
  • The Holy Key recipe requirement has been lowered.
  • The Blessed Key recipe requirement has been reduced.
  • The Fairy recipe requirement has been lowered.
  • The Aura Jewelry Exchange prices have been reduced.
  • The Normal / Heroic Mode dungeons have received Map Buffs.
  • In the Magma Cave and Aurania Temple you will get a Drop+1 buff in the Normal Mode.
    *Heroic: Drop+2
  • In Aurania, you will now receive three times the amount of Aurania Chips from the monsters.
  • In Aurania & Kebaria you will permanently receive double the amount of coins by completing quests.
  • Removed the Magic Resistance from the monsters in Aurania + Dungeons
  • In the Ethral Garden & Trigrem Ruins Dungeon you get a Drop+1 Buff
  • You get double the amount of coins and upgrade material from monsters in Ethral.
  • You get double the amount of coins from monsters in Trigrem.
  • Fashion Upgrade Protect Scrolls are available from NPC Laura in Flaris.
  • With Platinum 40 you now receive the Shiny jewelry set directly.
    *The former recipe only needs the previous jewelry set as a requirement.
  • With Platinum 50 you now receive the Platinum 50 Pet directly.
    *The former recipe only needs the previous pet as a requirement.
  • The effects of some Anarchy Buffs (CTRL + L) were slightly increased.
  • All Entropia Treasures are available in the Daily Challenge
  • All Entropia Treasures are available in the Secret Room Treasure (winner / loser)
  • All Entropia Treasures are available in the "Expedition Treasure (Weekly)"
  • The Daily Roulette System was added again.
  • Some Achievements Rewards have been revised.
    *In the future, the Achievement System will be revised and filled with additional new tasks.
  • World Boss Monster Despawning now at 00:01 AM - UTC+1 if they not getting killed.
    *Helpful for the new beginners World Boss Monsters.
  • If you jump from the stand, you cannot move when you jump. (Only when running & jumping)
    *According to some players this has caused position bugs in PvE/PvP. But the opinion is split, if someone wants to have it inserted again, please write a suggestion on our discord server.
  • In the options you can activate or deactivate the key assignment of your F-bar (F1 to F9).
    (Switch between the following keys:
    F1 to F9 with 1 to 9)
  • Hiding players or player stores in the options is now saved.
  • You can hide your balloon items in the options.
  • Bug & security fixes.
  • Client optimizations.

Update / Hotfixes vom 25/10/2020:

  • The Platinum 41 to 50 Monsters now have a lower HP rate.
  • The monsters in the Aurania Temple + Jewel Dungeons now have the old attack & HP values.
  • In the teleporter the descriptions of some places have been adjusted.
  • The Monster HP rate in the Premium Dungeon was adjusted to the old rate.
  • In the Premium Dungeon the items from the end boss are now doubled.
  • The recipe requirement for the Omega recipe (Cloak & Mask) has been changed.
  • The quest item drops from the Kebaria monsters have been removed because they are no longer needed.
  • The "Kebaria Slime" quest items are no longer required in the Kebaria "Slime" quest.
  • You will now receive 20 Platinum Scrolls instead of 10 Platinum Scrolls in the Beginner Box.
  • No more Shiny Orbs are dropped by Boss monsters.
  • The Rhisis Trail monsters now have the old attack & HP values.
  • No more job change rings are distributed at the Platinum Level-Ups.
  • The Horse, Shadow Golem and Pokemon (Upgrade) recipe has changed.
  • Some errors were fixed in the request.
  • Fixed the bug that Aurania chips drop between 3 and 6 pieces.
    *You now get 6 pieces from the Aurania monsters.
  • The Apocalypse Book (Model) can now be modelchanged again.
  • The pet auras in the pumpkin box (Halloween) were replaced by Candys (power-ups).
  • A drop+1 map buff was set in the Crystal Dungeon.
  • The Mid-Boss monsters in the Les Britannia / Abyssal Cove dungeon have been removed.
  • The Dungeon Entry number in the Les Britannia / Abyssal Cove Dungeon has been increased by +2
  • The upgrade rate from 10% / S Cards to 12% / R Cards was slightly increased.
  • The Monsterclash now has the right waiting times.
  • The Donate reward bar was reset and some new items were added.


Update / Hotfixes vom 27/10/2020:

  • You are now guaranteed to drop 6 Black Materials from the Aurania Temple Dungeon instead of 5 or 6
  • Black Dragon Cloaks are now recyclable.
  • The price of the Equipment Reroll Scroll in Kebaria was adjusted.
  • The Omega recipe now requires Behemoth/Ankou Runes instead of Cursed Aminus Runes.
    *If you have accumulated Cursed Aminus Runes, you can open a ticket to have them exchanged once.
  • The Entropia Movement System has been added back to the PvE.
    *In PvP it still remains at v15.
  • Fixed the bug that you cannot complete recipes above Platinum 50+.
  • You will now receive double the amount of Upgrade Material Boxes when you level up your Platinum level.
  • Settings no longer change when starting the game.
    *If you still have incorrect settings, delete the Neuz.ini from your client folder or Downloaded the game again.
  • The teleporter under the hotkey "V" now has both windows permanently open.
  • You don't lose EXP when a character dies.
  • If you get a disconnect in the Monster Clash, you will end up back in the Clash entrance.
    *You can "Rejoinen" again if someone from your guild is still in there.
    *If you teleport somewhere else before you rejoin, you can't do this anymore.
  • Fixed most of the camera bugs in the Monster Clash.
  • The world boss monsters have been increased to level 188.
  • Black Shiny Ingots (Weapon) are now required instead of Aurania chips to create a Weapon Reroll Scroll.
  • The damage from the Halloween monsters in the Halloween Dungeon has been reduced.
  • Following with the "Z" Hotkey or /follow Name is now possible again.
  • The Platinum Reward Box (P50+) content has been slightly modified.
  • Client optimizations
  • Security & Bugfixes

Update / Hotfixes vom 29/10/2020:

  • The recipe requirement of the  Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz jewelry sets has been lowered.
  • You can fly in the Platinum 40 to Platinum 50 level zone.
  • Client optimizations
  • Security & Bugfixes

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