[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.3.0.2 (English)

[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.3.0.2 (English)
• The character positions are now synchronized correctly when you move with mouse clicks.
• Bugsplat was temporarily removed from the client and if necessary reinserted in case of major errors
*Bugsplat itself has unfortunately led to a few crash errors.
• P50 EXP Flask (Recipe) now produces 5 Flaks instead of 1 Flask.
• The Monster Kill Requirement in the Magma Cave Dungeon got removed.
• The block rate of the Aurania continent monsters (block & magic block) has been removed.
• The Entropia Darkness Treasures are now permanently offered in the Premium Shop.
• Security & Bugfixes

• The Templar attack animation has been modified. (DPS Consistent)
• Dead Man's Lure: -50% PvP DMG
• Map Buff: -5% PvP Damage
• +2% PVE 1o1 Buff (Shiny / Black Shiny Set)

• Deadly X: -50% PvP DMG

• Silent Shot: -50% PvP Damage
• Map Buff: -20 Critical Damage

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