Weekend Event / Info + Sale! (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community,
we have again started some Events & Sales for you this Weekend!
More Events will follow in the coming week to make sure you won't get bored at home

We wish you a lot of fun!

We have optimized some settings in the game to prevent client lags, also some optimizations have been done to the server, so that positions/attacks are better received by the server and all other game clients.
Minor rare bugs have also been fixed.

The attack speed is the same (DPS), but it might be a little bit different for you, because now really every hit comes from the character and the DPS has been adjusted to the old version (Like Before this Patch).

*Only until Monday (30/03/2020)

Every existing or newly created Character will get Premium for 3 Days.
Players with an Active Premium Status will get +3 Days added to their curent Premium Period.

  • Anarchy Buff: Mystic Power
    *Chance to deal Double Damage+7%
  • Anarchy Buff: Monster Hunter+
    More Damage against Monsters +20%
  • Anarchy Buff: Luck of the Gods
    *Chance to drop Stronger Diamonds has been increased by+15%, Awake Bonus+5%
    *With the Awake Effect you have a chance to get a higher awake value.
    *The effect doesn't work on augmentations, because they have a generally higher chance.

*There is a 22% Chance, that a Endboss Monster in a Dungeon will Respawn!

In the roulette system you choose the balls you want to place a bid on.
If you are right and your ball is drawn, you will receive double the amount of
"Wager Coins", 
which you can exchange for the Double Amount of Perins
if you earned 4x the Sum of the Wager Coins, which you bought from the Roulette-NPC!

*Starting at 06:00 PM - UTC+1
*Limited Item Models are available in the Premium Shop until tuesday!

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Server Information  Kheldor (Highrate)
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time01:25 AM
  • Guild Siege-
  • Battlegrounds-
  • Crown-
  • MvPAngel

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