UEFA 2024 - Bets (English)

For the upcoming 2024 UEFA European Championship in Germany, we have implemented a betting system with in-game currency, so you can add even more excitement with your friends!

You can access the betting system via "Start -> Features -> UEFA Bets".

A character at Platinum Level 51 is required!

You can bet on the exact number of goals (the result must be precise!) or on win/loss/draw outcomes. Please read the descriptions in the betting window for each button!

Depending on which option you bet on, you can either quadruple or double your stake, or even both. But beware: You can lose everything you bet if you're wrong!
- A 10% fee will be deducted from your winnings.

If you are successful, you will also receive UEFA points, which can be used for additional valuable rewards.

Please note that the matches will be evaluated a few hours later after a match or during the night of the following day. Rewards will be delivered to your inventory, and if you are offline, they will be sent to you automatically via in-game mail and must be claimed within 3 days!

Please pay close attention to what you click. If you are unsure, feel free to ask, because we will not refund any mistakes. Once confirmed, there is no turning back!

Bets can only be placed until the kickoff. Please refer to the German times or the respective schedules in your country!

Additionally, we want to emphasize that you should never bet with real money elsewhere. We offer this just for fun with a fictional currency! :)

Additional events on this topic will be announced for you in the coming days! We wish you an exciting time cheering for your teams!

Update - 16th June, 2024

Change: Bet limits for Win/Lose bets in the UEFA Euro 2024 have been adjusted to promote strategic diversity and prevent unlimited bets. Additionally, when betting on a "Draw," you will receive a warning message that you can confirm with the "OK" button, placing your "Draw" bet immediately.

Chars below Royal Level 6 and at least Platinum Level 51 for Win/Lose Bets:
Max. 1 BP
Max. 1000 Entropia Chip Perins

Chars at RL6 + Platinum Level 51 or above:
Max. 5 BP
Max. 5000 Entropia Chip Perins

Goal bets (final score of both teams) can still be placed with unlimited stakes.

Changes to the values may still follow!
We are continuing to monitor this.

You can place bets with other characters of yours, but we do not assume liability if you lend money to others for betting and they keep it. If there is frequent and significant trading of funds (in-game currency), we may consider this as RMT and consequently suspend the character, with no possibility of unlocking. Therefore, it is best to refrain from such actions from the beginning.

Quick Info:
Earlier, a guild boasted by transferring all their winnings to a single character and creating a shop to showcase this. This was definitely not achieved by a player. They traded it all back after that.
Unnecessary boasting, as in the above case, will be penalized from now on.
Be skeptical and don't believe everything immediately.

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