Patch: v9.5.3 (English)

Patch: v9.5.3 (English)

This is just a small update. We will be adding a few more changes in the coming days and possibly making some adjustments to the current changes as well as adding more, such as in PvP balance.

- The weekend event has started.
- A betting system has been added for the UEFA 2024 football matches.
*You can find more details in a separate news article on our homepage shortly.
- An Anarchy Buff for Astral Spirits has been added for 250 Perin in the Anarchy Buff window, which gives your Astral Spirit +15% more EXP.
- Additionally, an Anarchy Buff for future weekend events has been added where your Astral Spirit Pet receives an additional +25% EXP bonus and works in conjunction with the Anarchy Buff that can be activated by players.
- Plants and ores in Cardia now respawn 50% faster.
- Slayer 1on1 damage in PvE has been increased by +17%.
- Cardia Hunt and Story Quests now permanently grant +0.60% more Royal EXP, reducing the number of quests required to level from Royal Level 6 to 10.
- Adjustments to the football betting system.

Balance Changes (PvP & PvE Mixed) - Further adjustments will follow.


- PvP damage reduced by 55% (world buff in Arena/GW)
- The Dark Illusion skill now has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


- PvP 1v1 damage reduced by 2%
- Range reduced by 20% (world buff in Arena/GW)
- The Dark Illusion skill now has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


- PvP damage reduced by 45% (world buff in Arena/GW)
- The Aether Grasp (Darkness Rake) skill now has a cooldown of 8 seconds, up from 6 seconds.


- From 3000 Int (damage gear), significantly less HP is gained in PvP.
- The Sleeping skill now has a cooldown of 8 seconds.


- PvP 1v1 damage reduced by 3% (world buff in Arena/GW)
- The Sky Splitter (Grand Rage) skill can now be used with an axe.
- The Sky Splitter (Grand Rage) skill now deals 1.5x damage and has a cooldown of 9 seconds.


- The old slower official Blade/Slayer attack animation has been reintroduced and the damage increased.
*Further adjustments will follow, either the next day or on Monday.

General (Guild Siege):

- A maximum of 5 participants per guild in the Guild Siege lineup and a maximum of 4 participants in the Arena per guild (also Battleground Siege).

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