Patch: v9.5.2 (English)

// Guild Features
+ Guild Badges can now be activated.
+ New standard Guild Badges can now be purchased from Bank NPCs for 1x Perin and activated by the Guild Leader.
+ Option for individual guild members to toggle Guild Badges on or off in the guild window.

//Guild Siege Changes:
+ Players will no longer receive rewards in Guild Siege if their guilds register but then do not participate.

+ Players must have at least one point to receive the winner's buffs / item rewards.

+ If players log out or disconnect during a Guild War, their points will be reset to zero. If all members of a guild log out, the guild’s total points will be reset to zero. If two members of a guild participate and one is in the spectator area without life, and the other living guild member disconnects or experiences a connection loss, the guild's points will also be reset to zero.

These strict changes have been implemented because this mechanic was heavily exploited by guilds, and we want to avoid unnecessary regulations that players might intentionally report to see others potentially banned. Unfortunately, a check for disconnects or crashes cannot be made, especially as it is unlikely to occur simultaneously to every member of a particular guild.

// Economy Adjustments
* Reduction in exchange prices for Permanent Reroll Effect Stones.
* Upgrade Smithing Stones can be upgraded to a higher version by the soldiers of Cardia for a fee. (This was intentionally not done using boxes.)

// Dungeon Updates
+ Introduction of weekly dungeon ranking rewards for the Umbala and Astral Forest Dungeons.

// Class Balance Changes
* Cooldown for Burning Field Skill set to 4 seconds.
* Increased damage for Burning Field Skill.

* Sonic Blade Skill changed to Circle AoE with target locking.
* Increased range for Sonic Blade.
* Changed Sonic Blade scaling from DEX to STR.
* Increased the damage of Sonic Blade.
* Accelerated attack animation for Sonic Blade.

* Multi Slap Skilldamage and range slightly increased.

* Increased range for Maelstrom Strike Templar Skill.
* Increased damage for Maelstrom Strike.

* Reduced damage for Psychic Square Skill.

* Reduced damage for Merkaba Skill.

* Reduced AoE damage.

//Class Balance Info:
We have chosen not to disclose the exact values of the changes intentionally, as unfortunately, some tend to over-dramatize these modifications. The adjustments have been thoroughly and extensively tested and compared with other job classes.

// Daily Rewards
* Daily rewards reset with new items.

// Daily Login Rewards
+ Introduced a premium section for Royal Level 6+ characters in the Daily Login Reward system.
* Monthly reset of the premium area, with items either remaining the same or being partially replaced.
* Requirement to repurchase and activate the Premium Daily Pass from the Premium Shop after each monthly reset.
* Reimbursement of the pass costs during its duration (Red Diamond Rewards).

Additional Update from the 7th May, 2024:
- The Templar skill "Maelstrom Strike" now works with Big Swords and Big Axes.
- The damage of the Blade skill "Sonic Blade" has been reduced.
- The damage of the Crackshooter skill "Condor Dive" has been slightly increased.
- A bug in the Dungeon Ranking display has been fixed, which showed incorrect Heroic Run Rankings after a weekly dungeon reset until someone completed a Heroic run.
- Crests from the Pirate Cave Dungeon can now be recycled to obtain a Pirate Crest.
- Pirate Crests can be exchanged with the Blackthorn NPC in front of the Pirate Cave Dungeon for a Pirate Treasure, which contains random items from the dungeon.

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