Patch: v9.5.1 (English)

• Astral Spirit HP will now be hidden when a Spirit Food Bag is activated.
• Astral Spirit Pets can now be saved and switched in the Equipment Switch window.
• A Platinum Reset Scroll has been added, which resets characters from Platinum Level 40 to 50 back to Platinum Level 1. Players must not be above Royal Level 0. This will be available in the Vote Shop in the future!
• The hitbox of the Xalgrath miniboss in the Astral Forest has been revised.
• The hitbox of Astral Spirit Pets has been slightly revised.
• Players can now click through hidden Astral Spirits to directly target monsters.
• Daily Quests in Cardia now require a uniform soul, which applies to all quests. Old quest items can be recycled at a 1:1 ratio. For Hunt & Story Quests in Cardia, the individual souls of monsters are still required.
• For the Hunt Quests in Cardia from the Gavin NPC, slightly fewer soul quest items and monster kills are now needed to complete the quest.
• The Binded Ultra Royal Amplification (R) now requires 20 Hunter Badges instead of 25 at Lord Pang in Cardia.
• From Royal Level 6 to 10, one Perin per Element Change is now required. From Royal Level 11 to 20, two Perin per Element Change are required.
• The First Strike effect of Spirit Equipment now only works in PvE as originally planned. Due to an oversight, the effect also worked in PvP.
• The Heal Skill now fills the Trance Bar when used to heal a target.
• The Heal Rain group skill now fills the Trance Bar when used.
• A new Anarchy Event Buff has been added, which doubles the received Royal EXP from daily Cardia quests.
• Ingots and Soulstones obtained from recycling Shiny, Black Shiny, or Soulreaver items can now be exchanged for Perin with the Platinum Level NPC in Flaris.
• Recycled Royal Items with 3 bonus values now give 3 banners instead of one.
• The drop rate of Oprotect & Fashion Upgrade Stones in the Pirate Cave Dungeon has been increased by +30%. This may be adjusted further in the coming days.
• The drop rate of Gem Reversion in the Pirate Cave Dungeon has been increased by +25%. This may be adjusted further.
• The Rhisis Trail Dungeon now has +1 more entry.
• The Aurania Dungeons have all received an additional entry.
• The Deep Temple Dungeon now has an additional entry.
• The cooldown of all Cooldown Dungeons has been reduced by -30%.
• The effects of Umbala furniture now provide significantly stronger effects.
• The drop of the one-time use Reroll Effect Stones has been doubled. (Not the chance) Meaning, if you drop one, you can pick up two of that kind. This may be adjusted further.
• With the Boost Token, you now receive all tools like pickaxe, shovel, gloves, fishing rod for 30 days directly. Some of these tools have effects that are normally only obtained by upgrading the original items to +2. If you already have a boost active, you can open a ticket to receive these tools for 15 or 30 days. We will check how long you have had it active. Boosters that have already expired, unfortunately, do not receive these tools retroactively.
• You can recycle Fusion Reroll Stones to receive 1x Fusion Reroll Jar, which contains dust from these stones. You can exchange 13x Fusion Reroll Jars for a special chest at Ifora in Cardia. This chest always contains a random item. It is just a small bonus that you receive from it.
• The Trigrem Dungeon now has a Drop +1 Map Buff.
• The skill pattern that appears outside the monster at the Xalgrath boss in the Astral Forest has been removed and replaced with a Blood Cut pattern (One Hit).
• The weekly limit for Infinity Points has been temporarily raised from 2 million to 3 million.
• Galaxy and LSD Pets can now be exchanged for a Stat Pet Skin at the Pet Tamer.
• Reroll Effect Stones can now be purchased from Lord Pang in Cardia for fewer Hunter Badges.
• The Kanto Event Dungeon has been deactivated and will be reactivated for you after the Easter Event 2024!

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