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Each month concludes with the selection of a "Donator of the Month".

The player who contributes the highest total donations in a given month will be honored with the title"Donator of the Month". He alone will receive a special reward. In the event of a tie, the first individual to attain the position will secure the reward, while the person who achieves the same amount subsequently will be recognized at the next rank.

The chosen Donator of the Month will be reached out to within the initial days of the subsequent month in order to receive their prize. All items will be sent to the top 1 - 3 donors in a box via in-game mail. For the badge specifically designed for the top don, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Donator of the Month April
#01 Anonymous Player 624,000 Coins
#02 Seeni 252,800 Coins
#03 Anonymous Player 125,000 Coins
This month's ranking
#01 Anonymous Player 141,000 Coins
#02 Anonymous Player 129,500 Coins
#03 Rickky2k 96,000 Coins


The first donor of the month has the choice between crafting either two Normal Badges or a combination of one Normal Badge and one Animated Badge. Its important to note that our Animated Badges are exclusively created from existing Emotes or GIFs that seamlessly integrate with our game theme. Please be aware that requests for custom or overly large designs may not be accepted. Additionally, keep in mind that images or videos that are too large may not display optimally in the 32x32 pixel size of the badge. Your understanding and adherence to these guidelines are greatly appreciated!

Feel free to use Discord emotes, Google gifs/images, and ask us if it's feasible. You can also explore 7TV for emotes; perhaps you'll find something suitable that looks great in a smaller size.
7TV: Click Here (Search top right)

Pet Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Notes
Entropia Ripper (Red) EXP P40 +17% Penya Rate +22% EXP +50%
Entropia Ripper (Blue) Infinity Points +6 Chipdrop Chance +30% Penya Rate +17% The Infinity Points Effect can be doubled with the IP-Stone x2 from the Vote Shop.
The Effect from Infinity Point x2 Events also works. (6 -> 12 -> 24)
Entropia Ripper (Yellow) Royal EXP +30% EXP P40 +40% EXP +75%
Entropia Ripper (Green) Activity EXP +0.25 Golden Feather +1 Collector Speed +50%

Having issues with your donation? Join us on our Discord server and create a ticket!

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By providing payment information to Entropia or an authorized payment information processing partner of Entropia, you confirm that you are an authorized and lawful user of the payment method specified and authorize Entropia to collect the fees for the total amount of your transaction.

You acknowledge and agree that, due to the unique nature of online gaming services, no exchange of actual goods takes place and your experience through the deposit of money stems purely from the online gaming services provided by the game developer. Therefore, refunds for deposits are not applicable.


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