Weekend Event (English)

Hello dear Entropia Community, we have started some events for you this weekend!

Anarchy Buff: Luck of the Gods+
Diamond Drop Bonus+10%, Awake Bonus +5%
*The Awake Bonus does not count for augmentations!

Anarchy Buff: Mystic Power+
You have a 7% chance to cause double damage to monsters!
*The effect does not count in PvP and does not flow into the record book!

Anarchy Buff: Collecting+
Your collector, collects items +15% faster!

Double Platinum Rewards
You will receive every Platinum Reward until Platinum 50 twice!

Pinata Event
Pinatas appear everywhere in Madrigal on Channel 1 and Channel 2.
You will receive the "Pinata Boxes", which contain useful random items and power-ups!

Saturday: Player Auctions at 06:45 PM - UTC+1 | Sunday: Serverside Auctions at 08:00 PM - UTC+1

Black market auctions are also held at the weekend!
You can get to the black market via the teleporter under the Hotkey "V"

Here you can bid on items which will be auctioned.
On Saturday, items can be auctioned by players for other players.
On Sunday items are offered by the server itself!

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