[S2] Patch-Notes: v2.2.0.1 (English)

• Some errors in the Secret Room have been fixed.
• The bug that the Monster Kill display does not work properly in the Secret Room was fixed.
• The bug that Boss Monster does not spawn in the Secret Room was fixed.
*This was related to the Monster Kill display.
• The members of your guild are displayed in the Secret Room in the member list now.
• The Secret Room members and winner buffs no longer disappear when the character is dead.
• The chance that you will block an attack of a Secret Room monster has been lowered.
• All monsters in the Crystal Cave Dungeon now have 50% Magic Resistance
• The Weapon Fusion NPC now clearly indicates that a Fusion is unrecoverable
• Weapon Fusion NPC now clearly shows that removing a Fusion does not restore the Fusion weapon.
• The Weapon Card Restoration Scroll in the Entropia NPC now only costs 10,000 Entropia Chips.
*It should be noted that the price has only now been reduced once.
*All other prices have been like this since server 2 start and already cost so much on server 1.
*Some players mistook the prices for the scroll, which finally removes cards with the one which restores them.
• The Scroll of Holy now has a 2 second cooldown in PvP areas (PvP Arena, Guild Siege).
*Battleground mode is excluded from this change.
• All Aurania dungeons now appear in the Dungeon Ranking window.
*Rewards will also be distributed every Friday night.
• The level of the world boss monsters was slightly increased again.
• Bugs & security fixes.
• Client optimizations.

• Sneaker has now 4s Cooldown
• First Blood has now 6s Cooldown
• Priest's Grasp has now 4s Cooldown
• Stonefeet Duration reduced to 3s.
• Satanology has now 5s Cooldown
• Rooting has now 7s Cooldown
• Rooting Duration reduced to 2s.
• The Counter Attack Skill now blocks the first attack of the opponent correctly and "Stun" this afterwards for 2 seconds.

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